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What was new at Airlineblog in January 2018?

Here is a quick summary of various posts published in the Airlineblog.in during January 2018

1. Ten tips to deal with high cancellation charges
Most airlines have increased cancellation fees and passengers lose lots of money because of this unfriendly rules. I have listed 10 tips to minimize the impact or extent of loss, in case you've to cancel your trip.

2. Air Asia Chennai- Bhuvaneshwar direct flight
Air Asia India has resumed Chennai operations. Now they fly Chennai BLR and Chennai Bhubaneswar- details in this blog post

3. Vistara to begin Chennai Delhi and Chennai Port Blair flights.
Finally Vistara has decided to fly to Chennai- after several years...

4. In-flight WiFi in domestic flights
Does in-flight WiFi excite you? Would you pay a premium to access net while flying? With Government lifting ban, airlines are exploring if they can provide this service inflight. I did a quick survey and majority felt they don't need/won't use this service. Do check the post for details.

I was also quoted in Vijayavani Kannada daily on this topic.
5. Hubli airport to get flights from all over South India
Hubballi airport in central Karnataka is soon expected to get flights from Hyderabad, Chennai, Kannur, Goa, Pune etc with various airlines agreeing to commence flights under UDAAN Scheme.

Only limited posts on both of my blogs in January. Hope February will be better.

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