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10 Expensive countries a couple can visit for the price of 1 year LKG fee!

Each time a new iPhone is released, some people come up with article like “10 destinations that are cheaper than the new iPhone”. When I saw the rate card for Bishop Cottons school in Bengaluru’s LKG admission fee, I couldn’t help but wonder how much parents can travel if they can save all that money. In addition to Bishop Cotton's 2 lakh+ fee, there's a news of this Pune school asking 2.5 lakhs donation in addition to 80k fee. Sisya in Chennai is sold out till 2022!
This post is a quick list based on that thought.  Of course I am not trying to propagate any ideas like education is not important or don’t have kids or anything like that. Everything has its value and each one has to decide for themselves what is worth how much. This post only explains how much minimum it costs to visit various countries in the world, which are usually deemed very expensive to visit. If you include cheaper to visit countries, there will be a dozen more.
Return Flight
per person, INR
Other Expenses
20k (Air Asia Sale)
32k Srilankan
50-60k per person for a week (18k JR Pass, capsule hotels)
80k per person
21k (Air Asia Sale)
40k per person for a week (visa 8-10k)
60k per person
30 to 40k (Jet, Air India)
25k per person for a week
65k per person
Cheaper if clubbed with few other Schengen countries (Belgium. Netherland etc)
45k (Air India)
25k per person for a week
70k per person
Club with Sweden /Netherland/ Germany n save
Read all Denmark posts here
New Zealand
23k (Air Asia sale)
67k per person for a week (17k in NZ and Australia visa, 30k car rental, 20k stay n other expenses
1 lakh per person
Save a bit by not renting a car but can’t experience countryside well
15k (Scoot)
50k per person for a week (4k visa, decent hotel at 3k per day, entry to attractions, meals etc
65k per person
40k (Air France)
55k (25k Swiss Pass, 8k visa, 22k hotel n other expense for 4-5 days)
95k per person
Cheaper if clubbed with few other Schengen countries
Read Europe posts
Hong Kong
18-20k (Air Asia)
30k for 7 days(Stay, Disneyland & visit to Macau etec)
50k per person

10-15k (indigo, off-season)
40k for 7 days (decent hotel, outdoor activities etc)
55k per person

15k (Spicejet, Srilankan)
60k for 3 days in mid level luxury resort
75k per person
Cheaper per person in case of large groups, budget stay available

  • Flight rates are the lowest I have seen during sale or promotional offers- can be availed if you can plan well. Stay tuned to airlineblog for regular updates on sales
  • I have included all major expenses (like JR pass for Japan, Swiss pass for Switzerland etc)
  • Above is per person. Multiply by 1.5 or 1.6 for two people (accommodation expense will be shared, won’t be 2x)
  • I’ve tried to limit per person expense at 1 lakh- haven’t included even more expensive destinations, so that a couple can visit these destinations for the price of a one year school fee.
All these is within 1 year LKG fee. Consider the amount one has to spend for the kid to reach Class 12th- that is 2 years of pre-school and 12 years of schooling. 14 years into approx. 3 lakhs per year- 42 lakhs- enough to travel the world 3 times over!
Irrespective of whether you like the idea or not, it is serious time to reconsider cost of education in India. Your thoughts?


  1. This is an interesting post! I'm going to hop on to the Japan and Australia posts to get to know the detailed information as both the places are a part of my bucket list.


  2. I believe that quality learning cannot be bought, it can only be achieved through practice.Coming back to travel, If the tickets are booked atleast 4-5 months in advance you can even visit USA for 2 lakhs for 7-10 days. You can easily do a budget tour of Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam too.

    1. Thank you. Yes, if I include cheaper destinations there are many more.
      USA I skipped because flight 60k and 50k for other stuff- will cross 2 lakh per couple.

      Thanks for your comments

  3. Very interesting post.
    Sometime i feel how the great personalities became so great coz they never paid such huge amount for education...
    Will go through the links for details of the travel.

  4. It is high time that all citizens & honest tax payers demand basic education from quality government schools in their respective localities. Sending children to expensive private schools is a status symbol for many.

  5. True. School fees has become a business. As well we can say interschool fees competition


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