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Dubai Frame - World's largest photo frame!

Dubai frame is the last attraction I visited in Dubai and it is Dubai’s latest attraction as well. Dubai Frame opened to public on 1st Jan 2018. In this post, I am sharing my experience visiting Dubai frame along with related information that you can use.

What is Dubai Frame?
Dubai Frame is a giant structure designed to look like a photo frame. It is strategically built in a location devoid of high rise buildings, hence it easily stands out and can be seen from far away. The location is also significant as it seem to separate old and new Dubai. Dubai Frame is of about 150 meters in height (Burj Khalifa is 830 meters in total, 148th floor Observation deck is at 555 meters). Thus in terms of elevation/how high we can go, The Dubai Frame is just one third of what Burj Khalifa can offer (also one third cheaper)

Dubai Frame was recently constructed, to be the emblem of new face of Dubai. This is the largest photo frame building in the world. A more detailed history is readily available on Wikipedia, so I don’t want to repeat the same.
Above: Dubai Frame as seen from Metro between ADCB and Al Jafilia station
Below- Dubai frame as seen bottom up near the entrance
 Dubai Frame from various angles...

What to do/see inside Dubai frame?
Unlike other high rise buildings, Dubai Frame doesn't have lots of floors. The two vertical column only contains an elevator. There's a ground floor and first floor and a top floor observation deck.

Dubai Frame is designed with a thought of exhibiting past, present and future of Dubai. As you go through various sections of Dubai Frame, you will be introduced to how Dubai was, how it is now and how it is expected to be in future

The Past: Once you buy ticket and go inside, on the first floor you go through an exhibition that showcases past of Dubai- the old trading shops, barren deserts, lifestyle as it was decades ago and so on. No photography is allowed here.

The Present:
Once you’ve seen the past, you will be taken to the top in an elevator. This is the top floor, at about 150 meters from ground. On one side, we can see the old Dubai- Al Karama area and on the other side, the modern high rises located along the Sheik Zyed road, including Burj Khalifa, Emirates tower and so on. These buildings are bit too far for better view. Photography is allowed only here.

Above: Old Dubai (Al Karama area near ADCB Metro
Below- New Dubai- skyscrapers on Sheik Zyed Road, as seen from Dubai Frame. Notice the walkway between Jabeel park and Glow garden.

Keeping some binoculars would have been a great utility. Visitors can use it to get a closer look of the buildings visible from top floor. But unfortunately there were no binoculars.

The top floor of Dubai Frame also has transparent glass bottom floor, through which we can see the ground below. The glass bottom switches ON/OFF as people step on it. (When a voltage is applied, the glass turns opaque from transparent)
A few fun kiosks and a photo-booth also exists on the roof, along with a small shop that sells souvenirs and snacks (refer photo below for menu). The photo booth is fun, but it won’t email your photo. There is no time limit- you can spend as much time as you wish on the roof, but there’s no place to sit and relax- you need to keep standing. You will be done seeing in about 30 minutes, after which you can join the queue to go down.
The future: Once you come down to ground level from top, you will be presented a visual depicting how future Dubai will look like. Video shows advances in medical science (wounds/broken bones healing in a touch), people using personal helipods n such stuff for travel, hyperloop and so on. Again, no photography is allowed here. The floor on which we stand and watch tilts a little, to create an effect of we flying around in a helicar..

After this we exit through a souvenir shop.
About Dubai Frame's construction:
  • The elevators were specially made by German company, ThyssenKrup.
  • The design includes porus outer layer, which was needed to dampen the wind impact. (Porus cladding absorbs strong winds and lets them pass through without letting it destabilize the building)
  • 3600+ experts worked on the design and building of Dubai Frame
  • The length and width of the  frame is inspired by the golden ratio
  • The viewing deck was constructed elsewhere and lifted by two gigantic hydraulic jacks and placed in its position. It took 2 full days to lift the top floor observation deck.
Tips for visiting Dubai Frame:
  1. When in elevator, stand as back as possible (as away from door as possible)- you can enjoy nice view as the elevator goes up n down.
  2. A visit to Dubai frame can be clubbed with visit to Glow Garden.  There is a walking bridge between these two. Visit Dubai Frame in the afternoon/sunset time and after that walk to glow garden (separate post coming up)
  3. It is possible to walk to Dubai frame from nearby metro station (like ADCB or Al Jafiliya), but google maps wasn’t showing walking path. Taxi needs a bit of detour hence may cost around 20 AED. Dubai frame is a big structure and is visible from a distance. Keep walking in its direction, there is a FOB to cross the highway (if you’re going from ADCB metro)
  4. There is a fountain near the entrance which does some musical moves at regular intervals- If it is silent when you reach the base of the Frame, wait for few minutes to enjoy the musical fountain
  5. Lighting is on all through the night- even if you don't plan to go inside, you can get close and click some pictures any time of the day or night.
Tourist information:
  • Dubai Frame timings: 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Dubai Frame entry fee: 50 AED per person (USD 14/INR 900 approx)
  • Approx time required: 1 to 2 hours
  • Nearest Metro- ADCB or Al Jafiliya on the red line (around 1.2 by walk, 12 AED in Taxi) Dubai frame is almost equidistant from both of these metro stations
  • Other things to know- Bags need to kept in a locker room (free of charge), restrooms available, only basic snacks and light food items are available in and around the Dubai Frame, no full time restaurants exist.
Updated: Few gopro photos of Dubai Frame

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  3. Dubai frame , really a nice piece of today's civil engineering


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