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Longhua Maitreya Buddha Temple Shanghai

Longhua is one of the popular temples in Shanghai city. Jade Buddha is another. Longhua temple was originally built in 3rd century and is the most ancient and most authentic temple complex in Shanghai. This post shares some photos I clicked at the Longhua temple along with few relevant details.

Longhua temple has a 10 CNY (USD 1.5/INR 100) entry fee and houses a series of Buddha temples inside the complex. Longua temple complex is fairly non-descriptive from the outside, except for this tower visible from a distance. Many morning walkers were indulging in laughter therapy, martial arts training and other such morning activities around the temple premises when I visited.

Inside there're many small temples, each with its own god/goddess statues, prayer area, donation box and such stuff. Take a look at various photos I clicked

 A friendly cat gave me company for a while!
Below: Lighting red candle seems to be a ritual
Longhua temple is accessible by metro. You can plan to spend an hour or two here, more if you would like to pray/meditate more. I didn't notice any particular dress code restrictions, but you might wish to follow standard practices expected in a Buddhist temple. More details about Longhua temple on Wikipedia. Longhua temple opens fairly early in the morning, so you can begin your day from here while other attractions open late.

Many devotees would throw coins on the floor- I saw temple staff picking them up with a magnetic stick.

After spending some time in Longhua temple complex I headed to Longhua Martyrs' memorial nearby- detailed in a separate post.


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