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One Tree Hill Monument and Park, Auckland NZ

One Tree hill is a vast park in the centre of Auckland. It was bit too far to walk from CBD, so I went there on my last day, just before returning to Airport

One Tree hill once was an active volcano. It has about 182 ft elevation from sea level. That is roughly one third the height of Skytower Observation deck (Level 60) in Auckland CBD. But even One Tree Hill offers splendid views of Auckland city in all directions and for free and all through the day.
One tree hill domain and Cornwall park
As I entered via Cornwall park, the map showed a long road. I asked a gentleman if there’s a short cut and where exactly is the top most point. He guided me through a short cut – with steps positioned to climb over the fence etc. (People rear goats in the park, so there is fencing to prevent them from escaping). Soon I walked closer to the hill that houses the monument.
Entry to this hill containing the monumnet is by walk only. People with disabilities can call a helpline and get pass code to open the gate but otherwise vehicles are not allowed. (for last half a km). As I trekked uphill hundreds of goats were busy feasting on the grass. Thought of going close to pet them but they were not keen and moved away.
Eventually climbed till the monument to enjoy the view. It is an easy walk, but I had all my luggage with me as I was to go to airport next, so it made the trek a bit more effort intensive.

There was an one tree hill information centre bit further, didn’t go there. I couldn’t find any source of water or toilets in the one tree park area- so be sure to carry basic stuff. But lots of trees to rest under, if you wish. One tree park is not really a camping area (didn’t look like one), so don’t think camping, bbq or other such recreational activities are allowed. For that you need to go to some nature reserves away from city. One tree park is great location for a jog or walk, to enjoy great views of Auckland. There was an Indian restaurant named Black Pepper some 1.5 kms from One tree hill park.

Nearby: Auckland Domain

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