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Regimental and India Rooms at Narendra Bhawan

When we visited Narendra Bhawan back in 2015 December, some of their premium rooms were not fully ready. During our second visit in 2018, we got to experience them first hand. This post introduces you to two new room categories at Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner. For various other things that have improved/changed at Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner, do check this earlier post-What’s new at Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner.

The Regimental Room
Regimental room designed to inspire the young price who has returned from army training. The room has several artifacts that represent bravery, valor and honor. On the table we can see lots of eagles, near the ward robe there’s a medallion, behind the bed there’s a portrait or royal emblem and so on.

Regimental room gets a small living area a step below the bed. A television that can popup from the enclosure is a new nice thing. Elements of army regalia is carefully and sensitively integrated with modern features of comfort

The dressing table is a delight in itself!
Regimental room costs about INR 26500 + 28% tax- roughly 34k INR per night. Official site for regimental room is here 

The India Room at Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner
India Rooms are designed to give a feel of post independence India that is slowly developing into a strong nation. India room has several artifacts that represents an emerging India- fabrics woven by textile industry, a Charka or the spin (tool to weave cloths, famously used by Gandhiji) and so on. 

India room costs INR 32000 a night + 28% tax, about 40k a night.
The most exciting part for me is the balcony access available in India rooms- you can have company of birds or a view of activities below through the balcony window of Narendra Bhawan.

The Republic Rooms
Just wrote a separate post on Republic Rooms, which are designed with an architect theme.

Please note:
  • These premium rooms are very limited in number. On the website we could book only 1 room at a time for Republic, India or Regimental room.
  • Prices are indicative and may vary. Keep an eye on Narendra Bhawan’s Offer page for various discounts and offers that may be available from time to time.
  • My visit was sponsored by the hotel, however reviews, photos are my own.
In case you find above premium rooms way out of your budget, do not worry. You can stay at Residence or Prince rooms at much more affordable prices.

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