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Auckland Domain Museum, NZ: A brief visit

Auckland Domain is a must visit location when in Auckaland. Auckland Domain campus houses lots of greenery-forest and parks, walking trails, war memorials, monuments and museum.

During my visit to Auckland I had the opportunity to meet Ankita Langa, a blogger and digital marketer who had relocated to New Zealand. With her company had a short visit to Auckland Domain. Auckland Domain was a few kms from CBD where we met, but after checking public transportation options, we decided it is better to walk. We walked about 2-2.5kms passing through University of Auckland, passed over M16 highways and entered Auckland Domain park area via Grafton road side.

At the heart of Auckland Domain is a large building that houses a museum. It closes by 5PM. We managed to enter the building only by 4.40 PM. There was a 25 NZD entry fee for foreigners (free entry for NZ citizens and Local resident card holders). Given that only 20 minutes were left, we were advised to be super quick. Thus I couldn't explore the interiors of Auckland domain museum in detail, but got a sense of it.

Near the entrance was various artifacts used by native Maori people of New Zealand- their homes, craft, boats used by them and so on. Carefully crafted and beautiful artifacts- diligently preserved. Great way to know historical significance and cultural life of early days of New Zealand

With minutes to spare for closing time we came out. There's enough day light. Outside of the museum building were war memorials.

We walked back to CBD the same way we had walked in. Auckland Domain was a large campus- my guess is I visited only one fourth of it. If you're visiting Auckland, New Zealand, spare half a day for Auckland Domain. Will be worth it.
Pictures in which I am present were clicked by Ankita Langa except the first one clicked by a Chinese looking tourist.

Auckland Domain official website

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