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It is time to shift to Eco-Friendly Paints

Paints means colour, colour means joy and celebrations. We paint our homes during special occasions, festivals or at regular intervals when current shade loses its appeal. Lots of debate and discussion happens in family about what shade to be used in which part of the home. All family members will have their opinion, preference and suggestions, making the selection process quiet a bonding exercise, if you can call it that way!

However there is one thing we often overlook when it comes to paints- what’s inside the paint that isn’t visible to us. Conventional paints have high concentration of harmful chemicals. We often fail to consider harmful side effects of conventional paints. Chemicals in the paint eventually react with air and water during which harmful compounds in paint get leaked to environment around us. If the air and water around us gets contaminated, its immediate effect will be on people living in the vicinity. Thus, if there’s a way available to reduce impact of harm caused by paint chemicals, we should immediately switch to it, in our own interest. The answer is eco-friendly paints.
Apollo Paints, a Bengaluru based paint company in India have pioneered a range of eco-friendly paint products, certified by Singapore Environment Council.

The impact of using eco-friendly green paints
  • ·         Reduced/eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals- particularly more healthier way for kids, mothers and elderly in the family as well as neighborhood
  • ·         Less contamination of air and water- better for everyone in the community
  • ·         Better peace of mind- you’ve done your bit to help the environment
What is Eco-friendly paint? How is it different from normal paints?
Paints have harmful chemicals, collectively known as VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds. These VOCs easily vaporize upon coming in contact with air and when inhaled start creating minute but toxic reactions inside our body. Heavy metals such as Lead, Chromium and Arsenic are also used generously in conventional paints. Depending on duration of exposure, quantity and proximity, these chemicals will have wide range of short and long-term impact on humans- beginning with minor things like irritation, headache, skin issues to long term side effects including respiratory disorders, kidney damage or even cancer. Often when we face health issues we may not even realize that it is due to harmful paint that was used.

Conventional paints will have anywhere between 250 to 800 grams of VOCs per liter of paint. This is a dangerous quantity. The new eco-friendly or green paints claim to have a VOC of 50 or less. 50 is international upper limit for a paint to be called green/eco-friendly. This is achieved by not using lead and replacing various other metals and chemicals with more eco-friendly alternatives. Another technique is usage of water as main solvent, instead of chemical solvents (Solvent is used to dilute thick paint into thinner liquid, so that it can be easily applied on a surface by a brush (the exact compositions of eco-friendly paint are not in public domain yet and are maintained as business secret)

You don’t have to worry about the technicalities of eco-friendly paint. Just contact Apollo paints support or a distributor and they will guide you further.

Eco-friendly paints are available for almost all practical purposes- interior/exterior use, flat, non-flat, undercoat, wood painting and so on. Apollo paints is at the forefront of this mission to introduce greener paint products.

Eco friendly typically cost 1.5 to 2x of what regular paint. But then, they payback almost immediately- while regular paints need 4-5 coatings, eco-friendly paints do the job with just one or two coatings (claimed). This means you will need less quantity of eco-friendly paint to paint same surface. Eco-friendly paints won’t have the pungent smell of conventional paints- it will be lot safe for kids or others to hang around while painting is in progress.

We don’t buy paints every day- we need it once in several years- while painting a new building for the first time and once in 5-10 years whenever you feel the need to re-paint it. Given the health benefits, positive impact on environment, the premium on eco-friendly paints is definitely worth it.

Besides a range of eco-friendly paints, Apollo has also pioneered mosquito repellent paints, cooling solutions paints and several other innovative products as well.

You now know the importance and benefits of eco-friendly paints pioneered by Apollo Paints. So next occasion it is time to repaint your home, you know whom to check with. Apollo Paints is your one stop shop for all your painting needs- eco-friendly paints, wide range of products, colour options and competitive prices. Apollo Paint’s twitter, Facebook and Insta handles have more updates and information


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