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The Republic Room-Narendra Bhawan Bikaner's most iconic stay option

This post has been due for few months now. The Republic room is the most premium room category available at the Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner. Republic Room is designed with architects and creative people in mind- people who built the modern India. The elements and artifacts chosen for Republic room reflect the tools an architect would need or the things that would aid in boosting one’s creativity.
Republic room gets a large living area as you enter. A large sofa with a designer glass table in-front marks your first impression. 
Designer table top view. I felt the glass table bit delicate and vulnerable for damages, but I was told that is not really a big risk or concern.
However a look at the side shows up lots of interesting things-The vintage looking Marshall Radio at the centre grabs lots of attention while there're also books, photo frames and few other stuffs kept. The red briefcase you see in the centre would contain your welcome kit, available in all rooms. Photo frame is also often personalized with photos of the guests.
Next the dining table in the corner with a seating for 3- with a moon like overhead lamp, curtains of pleasing colour and chair design carefully selected keeping in mind what architects and creative people would like. The set-up will be complete when the actual food is served- made by the expert chefs of Narendra Bhawan. Republic room is a corner room in Narendra Bhawan and moving the curtains will give you good glimpse of the happenings outside.
Next is the working area-a series of photos related to architectural marvels.
Pencil is something every architect needs as nothing is designed perfect the very first time.
Remember seeing the tetrapod rocks on the beach front? They find a place in Republic room! There're lot more artifacts carefully chosen and positioned- if you have the eyes to notice.
For many of you, below is the most interesting part. Three bottles of Alcohol- Gin, Vodka and Skotch- I guess about 750 ml of each is complementary with your Republic Room at Narendra Bhawan. (This is one major part Narendra Bhawan should highlight on its website, if you ask me)
Half way through the post and I've not entered bedroom yet!

The bedroom at Narendra Bhawan's Republic Room is as seen below-aesthetically designed, well complemented with lights and curtains
On the corner is a wooden chair sourced from Pondicherry, supplemented with additional cushions for comfort.
Last but not the least, bath room, Republic Room's bathroom is fairly standard, with light, black and white like colour theme carried forward. Steely blue and concrete gray are the official colours.
Overall, Republic room is thoughtfully conceptualized and executed for the creative person in you- you would see lots of hotels stuffing rooms with every available luxury but Republic room stands apart as it aspires to boost the creativity in you, make you more productive during your stay and respect the contributions of architects, engineers and designers to nation building. Even if you're not an architect, staying here will probably make you appreciate their contributions more.

Pricing: How much The Republic room costs per night at Narendra Bhawan?
Republic room costs about 40000 per night and 11200 tax, taking the total to INR 51200 per night.
This is for max two people. Additional beds possible for marginal extra charge. There is only one Republic Room, so availability is limited and you need to act fast. The Republic rooms being the most luxurious ones, depending on the duration of your stay, purpose, need and your preferences you might be able to negotiate the rates or customize the republic room experience further- do check with Narendra Bhawan

Check Official Website for booking and any offers that may be running from time to time from the Narendra Bhawan brand: 

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  1. Surely a luxurious place and I'm sure many would want to spend some time there. Thanks for the minute details as always and the photos.

  2. Truly Awesome. Hope someday will visit Narendra Bhawan.


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