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Longhua Martyrs' memorial and park, Shanghai

Next to the Longhua temple was a big garden with a memorial. I had not researched much about this place and it was not in my plan to visit, but once done with the temple, I just followed my instincts to explore what else is around and found entrance to the memorial.

From the entrance below view was the one that enticed me to go further and explore. The walk way lead to an open area with two large stone sculptures showcasing war related scenario, a memorial stone and a glass building behind it.

Shanghai has its share of civilian unrest, dictatorship misrules and mass massacres, though not as popular as ones in Beijing. The Longhua Martyr's memorial is built in memory of prisoners who were executed here, during 1920-1930, under the Kuomintang (KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party) regime led by Chiang Kai Shek. He ruled mainland China till 1949 and then fled to Taiwan. He did lots of things power hungry dictators would do-crushing opposition, jailing anyone who could question his leadership or be seen as potential trouble maker. There was a massacre in Shanghai in 1927. Countless people were killed (wikipedia says 10000+). The Martyrs' Memorial is built in the prison campus where these people were held captive and executed.

I was too early in the day to enter the memorial- it would open only by about 10 AM. But I could explore the open areas, which included an underground passage, execution spot, some prison cells and garden area.

Above: Execution Spot

Stone sculpture of half buried man
Maple leaf!
Walkways with yellow leaves
About an hour I spent in the park was totally worth it. Do include a visit to Longhua Martyrs Memorial park while visiting Shanghai

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  1. The glass building looks a wonderful piece of architecture. Loved all pics

  2. I'm sure all those sculptures made you stroll very interesting. And the fall colours too. :)

  3. This temple feels so culturally rich. So much to look at, no?
    It was really nice to see the Maitreya Buddha temple, here.

  4. Beautiful place. Similar experience. I went there to visit Longhua temple and ended up visiting this place. Security guards were weird though. They didn’t let one of us enter, for a weird reason we couldn’t understand.


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