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London tower bridge opening

London tower bridge opening is one of the eye catching scene visitors to London aim to witness. I was no exception. Managed to see it up-close and this post has all the details
London Tower Bridge Lift Timing: Timings of London tower Bridge opening is available on the website- you can check it here and plan to be near the bridge during the opening time. Bridge opens up 2-3 times a day depending on traffic (large ships moving across the bridge that can’t pass if bridge is in place)

How long the opening lasts? Bridge is opened upwards only for a very short duration- just enough for ships to pass underneath. About a minute to open, a minute to close, may be a minute or two waiting for ships to cross. Typically the lift and close action will be over in less than 5 minutes, longer if there’re 2-3 ships waiting to cross.

Best place to be: What are the best spots to see London tower bridge open up?
We sat right on the bridge near the entry point where bridge folds up. This gave me a close view as you can see in pics and video. You can also watch from a distance from the pier nearby.
Other things to note: 
  • Bridge will be closed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic few mins before opening. Get to your vantage point in time.
  • Do not confuse London Bridge for London Tower bridge- both are separate. London Bridge is permanent concrete and can not be lifted.
  • Most of the bridges across Thames are lit during the night. Do not miss to view them in darkness.
Video: Watch a short video below of London Tower Bridge lifting. [Watch on Youtube]

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