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Vibhoothi waterfalls near Yana-details

Vibhooti falls is a beautiful waterfalls near Yana. But it doesn’t have easy road access from Yana if you visit from Kumta side. The road access is via a longer detour through NH66 via Hiregutti. However if you are visiting from Sirsi side using district roads via Kalkuni and Hegdekatta then Yana and Vibhooti falls are a bit closer. 

Road condition to access Vibhooti falls: If you are entering via Honnavara/Kumta side via NH66 then roads are good. Road from Yana is bad. If arriving from Sirsi using district roads, last 15-18 kms are bad. (All info as of August 2020)

There is an entry fee (about 10 Rs per person) and timing- from 9 AM till 5 or 5.30 PM. But when I visited there was no one- due to Covid-19 it was left open for everyone and no staff was deployed, nor the gates were closed. So I had a free entry.

There are no canteens near the falls. 3 Kms before Vibhooti, where you have to turn from main road, has a hotel. Carry what you need.

Can we enter the falls? No. As per warning displayed you are not supposed to enter the pool near Vibhooti. I didn’t know the depth and no one was around, so I didn’t bother entering the water. Who will monitor, who will respect these rules is open secret. If you are determined to take a bath the first stream that you cross right after paved walkway, feels safe. You can try there. (image below)

Even trekking uphill is prohibited.

Access details: Vehicle goes reasonably close to Vibhooti falls. From parking area approximately 1-1.5 kms walk is required to reach the falls area. Walkway is good for 500 meters and last 1 km is not paved. You’ve to make your way through the rocky path. Couple of streams cross your path and refresh you.

Legend of Vibhooti: Vibhooti falls is formed in western ghats and flows down to join Aghanashini river and into Arabian sea. Yana is the spot where Lord Vishnu took form of beautiful Mohini to trick and kill demon Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura had got a blessing that on whatever he keeps his palm, that will burn to ashes. He was using this to wreck havoc in the community, so gods had to devise a plan to kill him. Eventually Vishnu disguises as Mohini, comes in front of Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura gets attracted to Mohini and Mohini says I will be yours if you can beat me in dance challenge, under which Bhasmasura had to replicate Mohini's steps. During the dance steps Mohini suddenly keeps her palm on her own head. Bhasmasura without thinking keeps his palm on his own head and gets burnt down. Vibhooti falls is said to be formed from ashes of Bhasmasura washing down the rocks of Yana.

I feel Govt should provide following additional facility at Vibhooti falls

  • A trekking/walking trail from Yana & road if possible, to access from Kumta side
  • A safe way to climb up a bit and watch the waterfalls from close range than what is facilitated at present.
  • Well paved or slightly better paved walkway till the falls (final stretch)
  • Designate safe area for taking a dip/bath

Vibhooti falls can be accessed from Karwar/Kumta/Gokarna/Sirsi towns.

Watch a 15 second video clip of Unchalli falls here

Nearby: Vaddi Falls is on the way to Yana. Yana is the only other spot close enough to Vibhooti falls. On the highway you can visit Gokarna (about 50 kms from Vibhooti falls) and Mirjan fort in Kumta is also worth visiting.


  1. It is a stunning place! I had been there some 7-8 years back and remember the roads being horrible. Surprised the roads still haven't changed but the place totally makes up for it all with that view!

    1. Road from Kumta/NH66 side is fine. Road from Yana side is not good

  2. You have written a very good blog. Nice to read There was a lot of good information in it. This waterfall is very beautiful, when we experience while trekking, the sound of the waterfall and the chirping of birds.

  3. Thanks for the in-depth wonderful article you turned out here.! Very Informative Loved It, Thankyou Soo, Much For Sharing It.


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