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Banashankari temple near Badami- what to expect?

Banashankari temple is some 5kms from Badami town, so those visiting Badami often plan a visit to Banashankari temple.

What all to expect at Banashankari temple?

Temple Pond: (Pushkarini) Banashankari temple pond is huge and reasonably well maintained with a covered walking trail around it, with rocky pillars and roof on all four sides. You would like to take a stroll here on seeing the pond. In April the pond wasn't the purest and some people were trying to catch fish.

Guard tower

A nice guard tower stands between the pushkarini and temple. We can go under it but can't climb up.

Banashankari Temple: The main temple has a queue system for darshan. Depending on your luck be ready to spend 30 mins to few hours in the queue if you want proper Darshan. Temple complex is not very huge.

Temple area has shops, restaurants and stalls selling wide range of items. Ample parking is also available.

Banashankari temple is said to be built by local rulers- Kalyani Chalukya's in 7th century AD.

Beware of transgenders and others asking for money. About 1 hour is more than adequate time to visit Banashankari temple, unless you are OK to stand in queue for Darshan.

How to reach Banashankari from Badami?

Share autos from Badami take you to Banashankari for about 10 rupees per person

Few buses also operate on this route.

Banashankari temple's annual festival usually falls in Jan/Feb timeline. Expect huge crowd and more time if you plan a visit during that time.

Drinking water is kept in the temple for devotees. Yatri Nivas/ lodge facility available for stay. Else better to stay in Badami town.

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