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Mahakoota temple near Badami: worth visiting?

Mahakoota is an ancient temple complex some 12 kms from Badami town, referred to as Dakshina Kas. People who visit Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal also include Mahakoota in their plan. But as we were exploring the region with public transport, we learnt that there are no buses to Mahakoota. Our options were to walk 4.4 kms one way from Mahakoota cross, or hire an auto. We took a bus till Mahakoota cross and walked all the way to the temple complex- took us about an hour. On our way back we paid 200 INR for an auto guy to drop us to main road and from there took a share auto to Badami (20 INR each)

In this post I will explain what to expect at Mahakoota temple and if it is worth including in your itinerary.

The pond (Pushkarini)

The main attraction at Mahakoota temple complex is the temple pond in which visitors are allowed to swim or take a dip. As we entered we could see dozens of men and boys in their undergarments swimming or enjoying the swim in the pushkarini while ladies of the group were sitting by the banks and watching or a few were washing cloths or attending to kids.

Ancient temples: There are a few temple blocks around- pooja rituals are conducted in only 1 building while rest are left as is. Some men were entering these temple blocks with shivaling and using it as changing rooms.

Besides the pond, there is another small pond with a cradle which is said to be for prayers. Visitors can pray here to fulfill their wishes like wanting kids or so on.

Mahakoota temple complex offers free meals to visitors- lunch service starts from 12.30 PM

There is an accommodation option- if you prefer to stay here overnight you can check with temple authorities.

A few shops selling sugarcane juice, ice cream and so on exist near temple complex.

There is an unused entrance that leads you into forest. Didn't explore if there is anything interesting on the other side.

If you are keen to take a dip in the pond then Mahakoota is worth including in your itinerary-come here early in the morning before crowd gathers, you can have a peaceful swim or dip and leave. 

If you don’t have a vehicle at your disposal or running short of time, you may skip Mahakoota and focus on Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal. Except for the pond I couldn’t find anything too exciting about Mahakoota. Some part of the temple complex seemed to be under renovation.

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