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Bratislava Vienna Twincityliner Ferry: Details & Pricing

I had booked a bus ticket between Bratislava and Vienna for about 9 Euros. There was a ferry option for travel between Slovakian capital Bratislava and Austrian capital Vienna. I didn’t know about this ferry earlier. I came to know about the ferry later when Anjaly Thomas told me about it. While roaming around in Vienna, I spotted the ferry ticket counter, went there to explore some details.

If you are considering traveling between Vienna and Bratislava in a ferry, here are the details

Ticket price: Ferry ticket price costs 25 Euro onwards. The cheapest, 25 Euro ticket is called the “Red ticket”. This category is cheapest because you will have to sit in the most uncomfortable spot in the ferry- at the back, closer to toilets and no window into the river.

For a slightly more comfortable economy class seat you will have to pay around 34 Euros. Even more comfortable seats are sold for higher amount. Max or top most is Captain's Lounge costing little over 50 Euros.

The ferry takes about 75 minutes and operates several (about 6, varies by season, day of the week etc- refer chart above or visit their website) departures each day. Schedule may vary based on season. This one is a small river ferry with about 50 seats. 

You can give this option a try if you don’t want another bus ride and are keen to try something different.  Danube is a popular river in northern Europe that passes through several countries- Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and so on.  Buses are cheaper, you’ve lots of options but yes, the waterway has its own charm. Travel sites like Omio may not show ferry options, you’ll have to google and book on ferry operator’s website directly. 

Official website:

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