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World’s longest railway platform in Hubballi. Purpose?

Hubballi railway station in Karnataka has a unique record. It has the world's longest railway platform. The same was inaugurated by PM Modi in March 2023, so this is a recent development. News

Before Hubballi got this position in 2023 Kharagpur/Gorakhpur held the title of having world's longest railway platform.

There are multiple markings on the platform to suggest that you’re at the world's longest railway platform.

But what is the use of such a long platform?

Possible usage 1: Can we have a longer train now with more compartments? For that to happen, all stations along the route should have platforms of the same length. Else this won’t work.

Possible usage 2: Can we park 2 trains side by side? Like the first half will have Train A going North and the second half will have Train B going south? This is a possibility but platform name and display also will have to be changed. Plus ensuring people don’t get confused and enter the wrong train is also a challenge.

This might be viable for two trains having last stops in Hubballi where passengers only need to get off. But Hubballi is at the center of Karnataka. Most trains only pass through Hubballi and do not start or end at Hubballi.

So without a clear purpose or application, the 1507 meter long platform 1 of Hubballi railway station feels more like a PR stunt for the purpose of records. Maybe they had enough land and decided to make full use of it.

Only half the platform is covered with a room, the other half is open air- just a few benches exist- no shops, no other facilities. Most normal trains take about half the platform- like 600-700 meters.  The practical use of the longest railway platform is yet to be established.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I remember Kharagpur station. It used to hold the record earlier. The platform holds 2 trains together. The platform number there is like 3A and 3B.

  2. Building functionality in anything new requires thinking, Even a fool can be an Attention Getter.


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