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Adyar falls Mangaluru small, beautiful, easy access

Adyar falls was in my radar for over an year now. But year 2021 I couldn’t visit during Monsoon due to high covid situation. Post monsoon I was told water has dried down. So last year, 2022 mid July I decided to take a few guests there and explore. This post is one year late, better late than never. Here is all the details you should know.

What to expect at Adyar falls?

Adyar falls is a small to medium size waterfalls, full of water in July post monsoon. Accessible after a 1 km trek in the hills and woods, it was a great experience considering we didn’t have to go too far from Mangalore city. If you are in Mangalore during monsoon and have a few hours to spare, you can explore Adyar falls.

Once you reach the location shown in map, you will see a private property ahead. Do not enter it. Next to the property there is a downhill trail that will lead you to the waterfall. About a km of trekking is involved, easy trek. Nothing complex.

We had to get back to work, so we didn’t enter the water, but it felt safe to take a bath. 

No facilities are available anywhere around, there is no entry ticket. There were no leeches in July mid. You’re on your own.

Where is Adyar falls?

Adyar falls is 7 kms from Padil Junction,15 kms from KSRTC/Lalbagh area in Mangalore. Follow the map towards Bantwal side, turn left after Adyar. There is a steep uphill drive for about a km and after that, about 1 km trek to reach the falls. Follow the trail on the ground.

How to reach Adyar Falls near Mangalore?

Best is to hire an auto or taxi if you don’t have own vehicle. Alternatively you can take bus till Valachil Bus stop after Adyar and do the last 1-2 kms on foot or hire an auto.

Best time to visit: July to November. Adyar falls may dry up after that.

Nearby: Bonda Factory * Adyar foot bridge to Pavoor Uliya island * Kolachar Padav viewpoint *


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  2. I have not visited, but was told that it's not safe to enter the water because there are lot of cut pieces of Beer Bottles underneath. ( Information is not first hand ). One can visit during dry season and check if it's true.

    1. Yes there will be trash. But not impossible to be careful.

  3. Adyar falls looks beautiful, Thanks for the details post.


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