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Hundertwasserhaus Apartment with crazy design

Vienna has an interesting apartment block. Because of its crazy design it attracts tourists who are keen to take a look.

Take a look at some of these pictures

The place is called "Hundertwasserhaus" or Hundertwasser House, designed and built by Friedensreich Hundertwasser back in 1985. (the building is already 38 years old). A bit of colour, weird shapes, elements like pillars that feel like lifted from Aladdin movie give this building a unique appeal.
There is a playground for kids near the Hundertwasserhaus entrance. Hundertwasserhaus is is not a designated tourist attraction. So we can't go in and explore the inside of the houses. There is a cafe though, where you can sit and sip a coffee before departing.

How to reach? You can use google maps and reach using public transportation. I spent around 30 minutes taking a closer look at the Hundertwasser House and moved to next destination.


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