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Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan

Gamcheon Culture Village is the first attraction we visited in Busan. Gancheon draws tourists because of its scenic location with colourful buildings.  The old houses are made colourful to attract tourism and Gamcheon is often referred to as Korea’s Santorini or Busan’s Machu Picchu. (But Gamcheon is nowhere close to these world famous destinations)

We reached Gamcheon by bus and the bus driver guided us in the right direction. As we arrived, below was the view for us.

The village was originally conceived to provide cheap accommodation to those who work at Busan port so that they can stay closer to port.

There was an information center but it was closed. Two mascots were nice.

We walked down the streets, stopping at wall paintings. There were shops renting hanbok. You can rent them for a few hours and get good photos clicked. Cafes and shops are available along the streets, but finding veg food was difficult.

Watch out for vehicles as you walk on the street. Due to steep inclines vehicles may be coming in fast. Some rooftops are accessible for tourists and can offer good views. You may spend 1 to 2 hours in Gamcheon Culture village and proceed to your next destination.

Gamcheon Culture Village visitor information:

  • How to reach: Buses are available from Busan city to reach Culture Village. Of course you can hire a taxi as well
  • Time to spend: 1 to 2 hours
  • Things to note: narrow streets and steep inclines. Watch out
  • Entry fee: None
  • What to do/expect: Walk, photograph. Colourful buildings, designs by the road, viewpoints and shops
  • Nearby:

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