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Manjanggul Lava Tube cave visit in Jeju

Manjanggul Lava Tube cave is a popular tourist attraction in Jeju island, South Korea. Similar to Belum Caves, Visiting Manjanggul Lava cave will take about an hour- about 1 km walk under the cave is required one way and we return on the same path. Illumination is provided so that we have some minimum visibility. (The entire cave set up is said to be 9 kms long spread across 3 different entrances, only one entrance with 1 km distance is kept open to tourists)

History: Manjanggul Lava Tube is formed several thousands of years ago from volcanic eruptions. Over time the ceiling is said to be shrinking. The cave campus is well preserved due to its geological importance. Visitors can see different types of lava formations with their history/additional details displayed along side. The Manjanggul Lava cave location has been identified as world heritage site.

The final stop is here- this lava column is about 7.6 meters tall and is said to be the highest in the world.

Manjanggul Lava Tube cave visitor info:

  • Entry fee: 4000 KRW per person, 3000 KRW per person if in group of 10 or more.
  • Time required: 1 hour
  • Complexity: Easy, watch out for wet/slippery surfaces
  • Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM, 4 PM last entry
  • Facilities available: rest room, convenience store etc
  • Public transport: Available but low frequency (there was a bus stop but we didn't see any bus movement while we were around, had to take a taxi)
There is a maze part 500 meters from Manjanggul Lava caves. It had an entry fee of 7000 KRW (450 INR) which we felt not worth. Got to see several cats in their campus.

Overall, I wouldn't tag Manjanggul Lava Tube as an amazing, must visit attraction. It will be interesting for geology students. For regular tourist, this might be disappointing, as there is nothing exciting to see or do, other than take a walk in the cave viewing rock formations of different types. If you have a better plan skip Manjanggul caves. But if in the region, you won't regret spending an hour and 4000 KRW taking a walk inside the caves.

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