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Oedolgae Rock, Seogwipo, South Jeju

Once we were done exploring orange garden and searching for Cheonjiyeon Falls in Seogwipo, we decided to head to Oedolgae Rocks in jeju.

Oedolgae is a nature park area by the ocean, popular due to a giant vertical rock. There are walking trails by the ocean, offering different views of the rock and ocean allowing visitors to spend some quality time with nature.

As you exit from the parking area and take stairs down to Oedolgae rocks, you need to decide if you wish to turn left or right. Turning right will take you to a viewpoint that gives a close view of Oedolgae rock and then you can proceed further by the coast. Some views below. The 20 meter tall rock is the main attraction.

No boating or rock climbing option here. Drone flying is also banned in many places in South Korea.

Later you can return and continue along the coast in the opposite direction-you will see more viewpoints and rocks

Facilities available at Oedolgae Rock:

  • A toilet facility is available near parking area
  • A few shops sell water, fresh oranges, snacks and gift items
  • Public transport is available but less frequency- main road about 1-1.5 kms away- if you can walk that much you will get more buses, else have to wait for a free taxi
  • Entry fee: None
  • Few shelters, benches and sitting areas available for relaxation.

If hungry you can buy a basket of oranges for about 5000 KRW at the shops. Price varies by size of baskets or number of fruits in it.

There are several scenic locations all around Jeju with rocks and viewpoints or walking trails along the coast. It may not be possible to explore all of them during a short trip. Apart from Oedolgae rocks, we also visited Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise trekSeopjikoji trail and Yongmeori Coast Seaside walk.

We proceeded to Yongmeori Coast Seaside walk & sunset after Oedolgae rock.

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