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Fintech Festival delegate pass is not worth!

I attended the 3rd edition of Fintech Festival in New Delhi this month (March 6,7,8, 2024), held at Yashobhoomi International convention center.  The event focuses on latest trends, issues and way forward for Financial Technology industry. Visitor entry to Fintech Festival is free. But I was told visitors do not get access to main stage, F&B, awards, business meetings, networking etc, for which delegate passes need to be purchased priced between 15k to 30k (13K 18% GST to 25k+18% GST).

While the Fintech Festival event was overall OK, I felt the delegate pass was just not worth it. This post is being written as a feedback to organizers and for reference to future visitors who might consider delegate pass for Fintech Festival 2025.

Visitor pass is more than adequate for most of us- it gives access to exhibition area, which also has few presentation areas, business meeting areas and you can also hear the audio from main stage.

Issue 1: Rules are changed to reduce benefits of standard delegate pass after I purchased it.

Delegate pass are sold in 3 types- Standard (13k+GST), Premium (20k+GST), Unlimited (25k+ GST). When I purchased delegate pass in December 2023 to avail early bird advantage (12.5k+GST for Standard pass) there was no clarity what is the difference between the 3 types of delegate pass. I had asked Fintechfestival social media team, who replied as shown below.

However later in Jan/Feb organizers modified the benefits- now standard delegates do not get F&B

Issue 2: Business meetings are a SHAM

Main benefit of delegate pass is that delegates can send meeting requests to other delegates and visitors. Standard delegates can meet 5 people, Premium, 10 and Unlimited = unlimited. But this whole process is useless. I sent meeting requests to 5 people, but 4 of them didn't even accept or reject. I can't send more meeting requests unless I cancel some of the requests- I don't know if they will accept or reject or I should wait or cancel. Organizers should prompt other delegates to accept or reject quickly or let people apply for more meetings till 5 meeting requests are accepted.

One person accepted, but I was not allowed to meet him due to multiple reasons

  • -I was not shared his contact details in time. (for 12.15 meeting, I got contact details by 1.38)
  • -There were 3 areas for meeting- one business lounge, one board room, one meeting area- it was not clear where to wait.
  • - Staff and volunteers were clueless to help- they couldn't contact the other person to check if has come in and if he is coming for the meeting
  • - Without any way to identify and locate the person, one meeting request got accepted also got wasted. I whatsapped him after I got his number but got no response.

Thus your probability of being able to meet people you wish to connect is very low- they may not see your invite and accept/reject, even if they accept, without knowing contact details and them coming to specific location at specific time, meeting is difficult.

I lost all 5 meeting opportunities this way- those who had paid more for more meetings were also probably disappointed.

It is lot easier to find people on linkedin and send invites and connect later.

Issue 3: Networking Lunch is a SHAM

We are supposed to connect with like minded people, industry veterans during lunch time- but this is also a total DUD due to following reasons

  •  Main F&B area is access controlled and only a small % of people are allowed in. Only Premium & unlimited delegate pass holders and VIPs can enter this-probably about 50 to 100 people max. These people are out of bound for standard delegates and visitors.
  • There is no one central food court.  One food court is in 1st floor, one small  one in ground floor, another one was located in Exhibition hall 2 where another event was going on- Print India, which was free access, so we went there for food a few times as there were more options. As the people were spread across multiple food courts, seating areas are limited, probability of networking was also low. Most went to food along with their colleagues or friends.
  • Standard delegates would go for lunch during in between sessions but visitors can go any time- as there was no common time, not everyone will be in one place to network

Thus the whole concept of networking lunch turned out to be too ineffective due to the way food courts, timings and access control was organized. You have higher chance of meeting relevant people in exhibition area.

Issue 4: Main stage sessions were OK but not worth 15k INR

Main stage area is not in a sound proof audio room- it was just a partitioned area in exhibition hall. Sound from outside would come in, reducing effectiveness

Most of the speakers were from sponsoring companies, like it happens in most events

Only 2 questions per session for audience. There were roughly 200 seats in main stage, which was only partially full. Even with such low audience, only 2 questions were allowed per session. I raised my hand to ask question in 3 different session but never got the mike. Organizers didn't find me worth giving mic to even when I was one of the first few to raise hands.

Organizers could allow delegates to file their questions on the app, display them on the screen, pick a few good ones for discussion and ask speakers to answer the rest later.

Summary: Low Value for money buying a delegate pass for Fintech Festival

I thought there will be multiple parallel sessions, if 3 of us attend each can go to one session. There was no such thing. The benefits from sessions may not justify spending 15k on delegate pass + 15-20k on flight, 20k on hotel, 5-10k on other expenses and allowance- a total of 60-65k per person if traveling from other cities- easily 2 lakh INR cost to a company wanting to send 3 of its employees (plus the cost of work lost for 3 days)

Things Organizers can do better for Fintech Festival 2025

  • Streamline meeting invite process- ensure delegates get to meet as many meetings promised'
  • If you are changing rules, don't reduce benefits to those who have already purchased a delegate pass. Either upgrade them or offer earlier promised benefits
  • Keep more time for audience questions. People paying 15-30k per seat deserve few of their questions to be heard and answered. You can't start the sessions late, speakers taking all the time and then saying no time for audience.
  • Networking lunch should happen in one large area at same time for best impact. 
  • Allow people to buy delegate pass for just 1 day. 
  • Reduce the amount of mails you're sending out- they are outright spam. I've already bought delegate pass but I've got 100s of mails asking me to register as visitor sooner etc. Why?

I have given some of these feedbacks to country head of Constellar, organizers of Fintech Festival. Of course they will have other priorities and may not focus on delegate feedback, but ensuring right value for money will be critical to ensure paid customers keep coming back. Let us see what changes in Fintech Festival 2025.

Fintech Festival is being held in various cities in India and also in Singapore. The cause and purpose are great and you should attend if it is happening in your city and interests you. Will probably write a separate post on my findings at Fintech Festivals 2024. My only concern is the value for money aspect on delegate ticket.

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. Value may vary from individual to individual.


  1. Wow, this was way too detailed review. Thank you for sharing your insights. This is very much helpful.


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