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Taiwan ETA visa for Indians with US UK Canada visas

Indians need visa to visit Taiwan, but if they have a valid visa from following countries, Indians (also people from Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) qualify for electronic travel authorization (ETA) or referred to as ROC 

  • US Visa
  • Canada Visa/PR
  • Australia/NZ visa/PR
  • Japan Visa 
  • UK visa
  • Korea Visa
  • Schengen Visa

If you're planning to visit Taiwan the process gets a lot simplified if you already have one of the above visas.

Step 01: Apply at Taiwan Govt website


You would need following details to apply- keep them handy

  • Your existing visa details (number, expiry date etc), 
  • family details - name, phone number, address etc
  • Taiwan hotel details, 
  • flight details 

Step 02: Wait for a decision 

Decision is instant. If approved, all good, you can just print the ETA and go to airport. 

If rejected check if you've done any mistake. You are free to try again with correct info or you will have to apply for normal visa- through some travel agents (VFS doesn't handle Taiwan Visa, 

Points to note:

  • You may stay in 2-3 hotels over 1-2 weeks- application doesn't have provision to enter all hotel details- maybe you should enter first hotel
  • If your visit is more than 14 days then ETA may not be applicable
  • There are some country specific variations to above policy- my post focuses more on Indian passport holders. Please check official site for your country. 

If you're too lazy to do it yourself you can approach travel agents- they will collect same details from you, apply on your behalf and charge some 2000-2500 INR for their services. 

If you forget to apply and walk in into airport thinking Taiwan is Visa on arrival for you, you will be denied boarding. However if you have US/UK/Canada/Korea/Australia/Schengen visa try your luck applying online from the airport itself- you may get it instantly. All you've to do is find a way to print it in the airport.

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