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First Presidents Park, Almaty

First President's park is another standard park in Almaty but is unique because of a very large entrance with gigantic pillars and arch.

First President's park is slightly away from city center- we can reach there using bus number 66, 15 etc

First President's park has a large entrance- with 2 apple statues, a fountain area, a gate with huge pillars etc.

Restrooms are available near entrance, fee 50 KZT

In case of heavy snow there is a covered area to sit and relax

Once inside, it is a standard park with walking paths, kids play area, sitting area etc. 

There was a fountain area, not operational

We can enjoy view of the mountain in background.

When I visited everything was white because of snow. View will be different and colourful in summer.

Enjoying standing on ice and cracking it open. Watch the video below

Saw this on a table- looked like chennemane

The statue of Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazaksthan's first president when the country separated from USSR.

Nothing else to see or do closer to First President's park. Almaty's Botanical Garden is few kms away.

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