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Museum of Musical Instruments, Almaty

Almaty has a museum of musical instruments. The museum displays over 1200 musical instruments from the region. Guitars, drums, flutes and so on.

The building is made of wood on the outside and looks interesting. But I didn't see any sign that it is open and thought probably it is closed on Sunday. But as I went closer I saw that door is slightly ajar, so decided to go in and check it out. Luckily it was open.

The entry fee for Museum of musical instruments in Almaty is set at 1500 KZT (275 INR or 3.5 USD). Not too much but this is 3x the entry fee for govt state museum of Kazakhstan history.

When I visited there was a concert going on, so it was a bonus listening to locals singing and playing their instruments, though I didn’t understand a bit of it.

Clip 1

I wish they had kept  a few instruments outside for trial, so that visitors can try playing them and experience the instruments up close. But no such provision- we can only see the instruments from behind the glass walls, thus effectiveness is a bit less. Detailing of the instruments are also bare minimum. For regular tourists the museum might be waste of time and money. Those interested in music will enjoy their visit.

There seemed to be an India section as well, showing Harmonium, Tabla, Tamboori etc.

The museum of Musical instruments in Almaty has space to keep your bags and a toilet. Didn't see any souvenir shops.

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