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Parthenon, Acropolis ancient site, Athens' #1 attraction

Acropolis is Athens's most striking, important and #1 tourist attraction. It is a world heritage site and a set of gigantic building (or whatever remains of it) located on top of a hill. 

Last year (Feb 2023) I decided seeing it from outside was enough and didn’t buy a ticket to go inside. This year I decided to check it out anyway as I wasn’t sure if I will be visiting Athens again.

Acropolis was under maintenance when I visited and tickets were 50% off due to off season.

What to expect at Acropolis, Athens?

#1 The main temple, known as Parthenon. While the hill and location is referred to as Acropolis, the main temple block on top of Acropolis is known as Parthenon. Parthenon is a 5th century temple dedicated to Goddess Athena. Unfortunately visitors can't go inside. We can only do a circle around it viewing its gigantic pillars which are in dozens. Parthenon was destroyed partially in 17th century and even today it seem to need periodic maintenance to keep it lasting. I could see huge metal structures on one of its side, set for repair workers to reach the top. Not sure what maintenance they are doing- probably adding some reinforcements to keep the structure stable along with some cleaning and beautifying.

Wikipedia has all the details if you wish to read further.

#2 Erechtheion: Erechtheion is another iconic building in Acropolis. It can be viewed from 3 sides- on one side we see some statues carved out of pillars. Known as the Porch of Maidens There are 6 females facing south.
On the other 2 sides we can see the ruins of some gigantic pillars and walls. Visitors can't go inside. The fourth side is by the edge of a hill so we can't get proper look.

#3 Panoramic view of Athens city

From top of Acropolis one can get panoramic view of athens city, viewing other major attractions like the amphitheater, hills, buildings etc.

There was a glass bridge to see city and acropolis from the edge of the cliff, but access closed.

#4 The Propylaia: Propylaia is more of an entrance or gateway to Acropolis- a large structure through which we've to walk past to reach top of the hills. Huge pillars and partial roof wow visitors as they enter.

#5 Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Amphitheatre)

Odean of Herodes Atticus is a large Amphitheatre we can view while we climb up to upper portion of Acropolis. No entry inside, can only see from top.

#6 Sanctuary of Aglauros

This is a small void in the acropolis hill- I couldn't see any option to trek

#7 More ruins and attractions
The Acropolis complex has more stones and ruins with some history, details- you can spend some more time exploring them if you wish to.

Overall, Acropolis complex is great option to spend a few hours and get closer look of ancient Greece. End of the trip I felt 10 Euro was fair price. Will increase to 20 in season but by then I hope maintenance work will be over and visitors will get better view. Combo tickets are also available- valid over 3 days covering several other lesser popular attractions in Athens- worth it if you're keen to explore Athens in detail over 3-4 days.

Facilities: Inside Acropolis ticketed area I didn't see any shops or toilets. Toilets are available outside. Food and other things you can buy in main street few 100 meters away. Remember to carry some water.

Acropolis, Athens: Visitor information

  • Entry fee: 10 Euro off season, 20 Euro peak season
  • Combo offers available that covers Acropolis and other attractions in Greece
  • Ticket counter I visited was only taking cash.
  • Time required: An hour or two
  • Wheelchair access: Partial
  • Nearby: Acropolis Museum, more rocks & viewpoints to climb
  • How to reach: Easy access via metro, bus and other means.

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