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Sithara boating, River walk & canopy, Udupi

There is a new tourist attraction in Udupi- a small bridge over the river and a sitting deck for you to enjoy the sunset or river view. Details brought to you by Shrinidhi Hande.

Operator: Sithara Boating

What to expect:

1. A long (some 400-500 meters) walking deck on the river

2. A sit out area with a canopy, carpet, chairs are available, you can relax and enjoy the breeze/sunset

3. Boating options, starts at around 200 INR per hour per person

The bridge is pretty strong- PVC pipes were inserted into river bed, steel rods were inserted inside and then concrete is poured for strength, so it is pretty strong, though shakes a bit if effort is put.

As of now we can't exit the bridge to step on river bed. However operator said they have some plans to make a play area on the riverbed and a walking board in the mangrove forest nearby. But this will take time to get required permission and construction. 

The canopy is large enough to seat as many as 40-50 people. Some chairs are put there to sit and relax.
Sithara has a cute two seater boat, but this is not peddle driven, need to use row.
Sunset time is the best time to visit- weather is not too hot and view is great. Below is a sample image. Day time in summer will be pretty hot, will be nice any time after monsoon.
Timing: 7 AM to 7 PM. Next day when we visited at 8.30 AM no one was there, so better to call them and confirm once if going in odd hours. Evening usually some staff will be around.
  • 50 INR per person to enter the bridge and canopy, no time limit
  • 1000 INR for pre-wedding shoot and other such activities.
  • Boating is 200 INR per person per hour.
UPI accepted.

No food. As of now they do not have a restaurant. There is a temple nearby and non-veg is not allowed, also with food so many other things they will have to plan- staff, ingredients, waste disposal etc and looks like there isn't enough customer base to invest so much. On their boat they are able to cook some food, so if you hire their boat they can make some snacks etc. As of now carry some water and anything else you may need.

April last week river was pretty dry and not enough water for boating either. Will plan another visit post monsoon.

Operator contact details:

Take from below display: M 9632302537

How to reach: 

The location is about 17 kms north of Udupi, after Brahmavara and before Sasthana.

Search for "Sithara boating river walk canopy" (I added this new destination on Google maps), or Shree Siddhivinayaka Mudu Ganapathi Temple Mabukala Kumragodu on google maps. [Map link here]


If you miss the turn you will see this view on the river while driving on the bridge. Then take next u turn and come back.

Watch a video clip

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  1. Good to know, will visit next time. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. If going by bus from Udupi or Kundapura, where to get down and how much distance by walk after getting down?

    1. 3 kms from Brahmavara Akashavani bus stop- best to get down here and take auto. Not very sure if express bus will stop right in front of the turn.
      1.4 kms from Fortune Plaza hotel.


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