Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ride Thailand-Photo updates

We're done with day 2, 3 and 4 of Ride Thailand Bike tour and just 3 more days left.  Our schedule starts early in the morning, 6 or 7 AM, breakfast, check out, a bit of video shooting and the day's ride starts.

While detailed post and better photos need to wait, below are some quick photos taken from Mobile camera, just to hint you at what's going on in our road trip...

Day 2:
We left Chiang Mai to reach Mae Hong Son, a town 250kms north. The ride involved 1864 curves and we were all focused on riding and seldom bothered to click photo.

Below is the only good photo I have of Day 2, when we stopped for a photoshoot, at a view point (Kiew-Lom view point on the way to Pai)
Day 3:
I hadn't clicked any road shots yet and on Day 3 managed to click a few.

Day 4:
We rode to Burma border in the morning, which was about 6kms from our resort.

Now I've seen Burma (Myanmar) from other side of the border, so can add it to the list of countries I've seen... Unfortunately Indians don't get visa on arrival at Myanmar, else would have paid a quick visit.

Notice the new entrant, BMW 1100R. It is the personal bike of our host, Mr Sethaphan Buddani, Director, TOT Mumbai.
Who has got the biggest disc of all?
 Ok, below photo has people in it... Myself with few fellow riders and NDTV crew
We stopped at historic place called Sukho Thai, a UNESCO world heritage centre. Sukho Thai was the original capital of Thailand, some 800 years ago and now houses lots of ruins and structures which were once the main buildings and temples in the then capital city.

Day 5 is about to begin. Below is the view from my hotel room, 15th floor of Hotel Topland, in Pitsanulok.
Detailed stories and more photos once I am back...


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Athenas Take said...

Looks like you are having loads of fun. Bike ride with friends, new places to explore this is the life. Truly this is the life.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks AT and Deepa

Need to do stuff like these once a while

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I thinck u enjoyed alot... Nice post..

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That is a quick look back at few of those wonderful days.

shutterbugruts said...

The only reason i envy you now :)
This year I have to go for the bike ride as Women bike ride.