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T-mart cyber monday special deals!

End of the year is here and so is the shopping season. While Indians shop like crazy during Deepaval, Ugadi, Adi, Pongal and other festivals, for people in the west it is the Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Shops and portals look forward to this season and offer great deals that are tough to resist. For sellers, it is an opportunity to sell more, but will less margin per unit.

One of the tempting deals come from tmart.com, an online shopping portal that offers worldwide free shipping. tmart's black friday sweepstakes recently concluded with a great success and for those who've missed it, another opportunity is lined up, under tmart Cyber Monday sales.

Tmart's cyber Monday includes tempting deals, with few items having 80% off. The item that caught my attention was a 3-in-1 survivor whistle with compass. It is good idea to include a compass inside the whistle, all for 2.63$.
Few other items which caught my attention include stainless steel travel folding collapsible cup (You can sip your tea, fold the cup and move on...) and Camera lens shaped coffee mug. These innovative products make brilliant gifting items

As I'd written earlier, Tmart offers worldwide free shipping, 90 days money-back guarantee as well as 6 months free repairs warranty. Tmart is one of the few online shopping portals with loyalty point scheme.

'Bill me later' is another useful scheme which allows delayed payments in interest free installments.

Happy shopping!

Meanwhile, here's an interesting article on how US media would have covered thanksgiving, if it were to be a ritual somewhere else in the world. 

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