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Doi Inthanon-Thailand's highest peak

On our day 1, we rode to Doi Inthanon, highest peak in Thailand. It is at a height of 2565 meters above mean sea level.
Doi Inthanon is at about 120kms from Chiang Mai. Half of it was highway and rest was mountain road. (Obviously). I got some tips from Joshua and others on negotiating curves and enjoyed the uphill ride. As we gained altitude, temperature started to dip and despite our jackets and gloves, it began to get cold. High speed wind added its effect.

But once on top, we got accustomed to temperature and it wasn't really very cold. A thermometer, displayed next to a shop showed 8 degrees. On the top there were supposed to be a few view points, but due to weather we couldn't see anything.

There's an information centre which displays history of the place and information related to fauna, flora in the region.

There's a coffee shop, a restroom and few other shops to meet basic tourist needs.
 An airforce weather antenna at the Doi Inthanon peak
A few kms down the road, Doi Inthanon national park is located. We didn't go inside, but this seemed to be favorite weekend spot for local people. On the downhill ride, learnt using engine braking effectively, to avoid overspeeding at the corners.

More about Doi Inthanon on wikipedia. Read more Ride Thailand posts here 


  1. That was a magnificent start to our ride.

  2. Very interesting. Thats some nice set of bikes you had there :)

  3. A bit disappointing with the viewpoint at the top it sounds like. I will be there in less than 3 weeks, I hope I will have a better luck. Good to read blog like this before getting there.

    I arrived to Bangkok yesterday from another great national park, Kaeng Krachan National Park, so little tourists there, it is the best one I have seen in Thailand so far;


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