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Skywatch Friday- Sunrise at River Kwai Brige, Thailand

My second visit to Thailand was many times more memorable than the first one. While I've already written about River Kwai Bridge last year, we went there again and this time, spent a night near the Bridge. While more on that is lined up, sharing sunrise photos, taken near River Kwai Bridge, for skywatch friday this week.

In case you're not aware, River Kwai Bridge is a historic bridge in Thailand which was constructed during World War using prisoner of wars and was destroyed by allied bombing.

I missed sunset shots, but made sure I got to click around during the sunrise.

Below: An early morning view of the bridge and the sunrise close up

Below one is clicked before sunrise, from the opposite (from near the Chinese temple)

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  1. My favorite war movie is the bridge over river kwai and this post brought in a lot of childhood memories. I was sooooo in love with this movie that I actually built a train with match boxes and then placed it on a wooden bridge and then blew it with Diwali hydrogen bombs. It was nice to see the actual rived and the current bridge. Cool post.

  2. great shot, I was there during midday it was so hot and full of people. These are lovely!

  3. Awesome captures, Shrinidhi. I missed the sunrise.

  4. Thanks Vasudha, SPAP, Sangeetha, AT, Ritva, Niranjan & Giridhar.

    AT: Good to know about your interest. I've some more photos and info to share on this bridge. standby

    Niranjan: And I missed the sunset...

  5. Beautiful,bridge over river Kwai is just what i was just searching for.


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