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Year end update: 2013

Another year has gone by, without me achieving anything significant in life.

This post is a quick look back at the year that was 2013..

Traveled less this year, compared to 2012, but it is ok. 2 International trips and about half dozen domestic trips averaged one trip every 2 month. It added 3 more countries to the list of countries I've been to (10 so far, excluding transit countries and countries seen across the border), but majority of my wishlist locations are still unexplored.

Jan: Kodaikanal, Delhi, Jaipur
March: Kabini
May: Goa
June: Around Bangalore
August: Mysore, Denmark, Germany, Sweden
November: Pondy, Talakona, Horsley Hills
December: Thailand, Mysore

I tried Skydiving this year-jumped off from 10000 ft and landed safely after 35 seconds of freefall. This constitutes the biggest adventure so far in my life. [View photos and details of my skydiving experience here]

Riding across Thailand in superbikes for 7 days, 2000kms is another adventure I had a chance to experience this year.

Driving around in BMW, rollercoaster and other rides in Tivoli Gardens may constitute as few other adventures.

Cars & Bikes: 
Vista D90 (sadly this model is being discontinued in less than an year), Ford Ecosport, Chevy Enjoy, BMW 320d, Volkswagen Vento and Polo, Swift VDi, Scorpio, Figo, Reva E2O, Safari are some of the cars I drove this year, not to mention Kawasaki Versys and Honda CB500X

All automobile related posts can be read here

Not many though. An indiblogger meet, few press meets, Ford Ecosport Media drive are some of the events I attended this year. Had to turn down a few invites due to work schedule.

Had satisfactory number of articles in print this year, most of them being in kannada and few mentions in print media.  Read full list here

Others: 2 surveys listed my blog as one of the top travel blogs in India: and But there are many other such lists in which I am not included, so I shouldn't be rejoicing too much.

Read lots of books this year- half of them purchased while rest received complementary for review purpose. View the reviews here

Thanks for being with me throughout the year, encouraging me with comments, likes and so on. Appreciate your support and I wish you a happy and prosperous 2014


  1. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    I read all the entries (mostly through a reader) and enjoy the same.


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