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Dinner Experience at KhumKhantoke Restaurant, ChiangMai

Khum Khantoke is a restaurant of different kind. We had our Day 1 lunch and dinner here. I had been to few Kamat Restaurants in Karnataka where artists perform while people enjoy their food. Khum Khantoke takes the dining experience to all new level.

When we went there for lunch in the afternoon, it looked fairly ordinary, yet another restaurant. But by evening, the place had transformed into an action packed entertainment centre. The food was to be had on the ground, with bed turned seats and food platter arrangement. Refer images. As we took our seats, a series of entertainment shows were performed- not one, not two but many. Depicting local tradition, welcome dances, scenes from Ramayana, war dancing with drums (which used to signify declaration of war), Tee dance, stunt shows like working with swords, tribal dances and so on.

The 3 ladies at the entrance- besides looking good, they are also good at specific tasks- playing musical instrument, cutting watermelon in designer shapes or making flower garlands.

 Above and Below- Tee Dance
 Announcements are made in Thai and English

 Dinner seating at Khum Khantoke restaurant
 Entertaining guests...
 Entrance of Khum Khantoke in the day time
Overall having dinner here is like visiting a mini fair. On the food front, it serves traditional north Thailand food. On our request a set of vegetarian items were served. Tender coconut available on request.

Guests are given an option of buying a souvenir at 100 baht (Photo of 2 girls dressed in Thai posing behind you) Khum Khantoke is located on Nang Pakrung road. Show happens between 7 and 9 PM every day. Better to go with prior reservation, as people stay back or eat their meals slowly enjoying all the show. 

 They do have another ritual, of letting lamps float away in the sky. Will write about it separately.


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