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Book Review: Dinner Date by Ishaan Lalit

After reading lots of banking and corporate fictions, Dinner Date was a good break. This one is focused on Law. Dinner date was released very recently- October 2013.

The story begins on the pretext of a dinner date, wherein hero explains his life incidents to a lady. Only in the end the identity of the lady and the purpose of the date is revealed (read the book to find out)

Sam is the lead character in this book. He is a student at prestigious Simla law school, which also has a nice golf club. In the initial pages of the book, Sam narrates an incident where they messed up with the golf club common room which resulted in their near confirmed expulsion from the school. Then by studying all relevant rule books and manual, Sam figures out that Golf club is a separate entity and school’s code of conduct doesn’t apply there. With this point, Sam not only manages to survive the trial and also gets hero status in the school.

Book is full of other such incidents, moot court sessions where Sam and his buddies managed to keep their reputation up. And then there’s the love angle- Sam’s involvement with Aditi, daughter of new principal. Aditi is also a law student and after initial tussle, they become good friends. Sam’s god father, Alex is another important character from whom Sam gets his inspiration.

Once college life is over, Sam joins the legal firm opened by his former principal, where he creates new records for successive wins and in the process, his success annoys founder’s son. A sequence of events make Sam ditch the job and launch his own firm and stealing many of Omega (his former company)’s clients.

If nothing, reading this book helps you understand a thing or two about how to think smart and identify ways to outsmart the legal system.  It is affordably priced and is also available as an ebook.


  • Title: Dinner Date
  • Author: Ishaan Lalit
  • Publishers:Author's Empire
  • Genre:Fiction
  • ISBN 13 :9788192648064
  • Pages  179
  • MRP:  Rs 140

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