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Skydiving in India-Safety, Cost, Procedure-FAQs

Below are some of the questions I've been answering to people since my skydiving photos have gone online. Compiling them here for quick reference of my readers.

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1. Where exactly did this happen?
Skydiving is happening in India itself. South india as well (not Madhya Pradesh, not somewhere in North India), in our Karnataka’s cultural capital of Mysore.

Mysore is 150kms from state capital Bengaluru. There's one spicejet flight from Chennai to Mysore, else Mysore is well connected by road and rail

2. I didn't know it is happening so close
True. They have a very limited marketing budget, so the awareness has been low so far

3. From what height did you jump?
10000 feet from ground level (tandem). Static will be from 5000 feet

4. How much does skydiving in India cost?
Tandem jump costs Rs 27500 + Rs 4000 for video
Static or Solo jump costs Rs 15500 + Rs 500 for video
In case of groups you might get 10% discount.
Above are weekend rates. Expect some discount on weekdays.

5. Is it safe to do skydiving in India?
Many feel adventure sports is not safe in India. I request not to be pre-occupied with such beliefs and give things a fair evaluation.

There’s a small risk in everything. Kakini team uses equipment’s and procedures at par with world standards. They’re in this business for more than 2 years and there haven’t been any casualties so far. The instructors are well trained and there’re enough training and safety measures in place for possible mishaps. A fitness certificate is mandated before the dive. I am a normal person- not very athletic and I survived the jump as well as enjoyed every moment. As per my personal observation and experience, it is safe. Honestly there’re higher chances of dying in a road accident than in air. Will it be safe never to come out of home fearing accidents on the road?

Bigger skydiving companies will have bigger planes which can take more people and reach the higher altitude faster.
[Updated 30 Jan 2014: There's been a tragic incident in Salem, as a 24 yr old Bangalore based women died while doing a AFF. She and others were diving in a camp organized by Indian Skydiving and Parachute Association and was reportedly allowed an AFF after a 3000 ft static jump.

6. Did you feel dizzy/nervous while jumping?
No. I trusted my instructor and followed in instructions. Rest was smooth. I was very much alive and enjoying every moment of fall. But note that there have been instances where participants blacked out- either out of panic or because of not being strong mentally/physically. In such cases, instructor would ensure that student lands safely.

7. Why tandem is two times expensive than static?
In static, plane goes up till 5000 ft, while the height is 10k ft for tandem. This means more fuel and time to go up.
In tandem a more expensive parachute which can hold both instructor and student is used
Tandem lets you enjoy a free fall, which is not available in static jump.

But the advantages in static is that you'll be alone and will have more responsibilities to perform, to ensure safe landing. I am planning to a solo jump next.

8. Can everyone jump or is there any restrictions?
A fitness certificate is required and there's a weight limit. One should be 16 years or older. Static jumpers should also attend a training session and qualify in written test.  As long as you qualify on above 3, you are good to go. You don't have to be athletic or anything. Basic fitness to ensure that you won't suffer from blackout or other health problems is required.

9. Who is organizing these dives?
An enterprise called Kakini.

10. What if the parachute doesn't get deployed?
Well, in that case, a full refund will be offered. I am joking. Parachute has a reserve canopy which can be used in case of primary deployment fails. In case of tandem, your instructor will take care of these, while for static, jumpers will be trained to handle such emergency.

11. What is their website where I can know more about Skydiving in India?

12. Can we take guests while we jump?
Yes, but advance permission will be required. Be sure to go there on time (before 8.30 AM).

13. How many days should I spare if I want to jump?
Static jump takes 2 days- Day 1 traing, day 2 jump. Tandem is a single day activity. So one weekend is adequate to jump. Add travel time from your city to Mysore

Disclaimer: Above information is based on what I've observed and experienced and doesn't reflect official stand/reply of Kakini enterprises, who organize these skydives. Information are subject to change over time. In case of discrepancy or otherwise, please cross check with organizers.
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