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Monthly Update & August 2008 Summary

August marks my 6th consecutive month of travelling out of Chennai every month. Details later.

Of the 10 posts published this month, Two posts were most popular, going by the comment count- Gender confusion over my name and Bangalore police ban on live music in pubs. My post which was written for oneWebday- how we used internet for latest news a decade ago was the next best post.

The post, “branding tender coconut” was previously published in Churumuri and “Excessive Blogging Syndrome” was a repost from April 2007 archive. Lifestyle in Singapore” was a guest post (first guest post in this blog) and post wherein I said has resolved the concerns I had raised an year ago was a minor post written just as a customary to be fair to the site I reviewed negatively an year ago. Bad marketing approaches of Hertz and HSBC was another key post, wherein all comments were focused on HSBC and not Hertz. Had an offline discussion (through gtalk) on this post with one my readers, who felt that Hertz serves mainly corporate houses and as an individual I shouldn’t have approached it in the first place.

One of my articles got published in print this month and was happy to see my name in print after long time.

Intelligent scene recognition was the other post.

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