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My article in print after a long time

Glad to inform you that after a long time one of my articles has been published in print. Chennai based ERGO issue dated today (25th August 2008) is carrying an event report and photos submitted by me. Ergo is a 5 days a week daily from THE HINDU group and circulated for free in IT Parks and other offices.
Shrinidhi hande's article on Steve Crocker's talk            Click on the image to enlarge. Or read it on ERGO website here

The event report is about a talk given by Dr. Stephen Crocker, Chair, Security and Stability Council, ICANN during his visit to Chennai. Dr. Crocker has been deeply involved with the happenings in the internet community, right from the early days of ARPANET. It was nice to listen to him sharing his experiences on the evolution of internet. The said article shares few experiences he shared in his talk and other information related to the same.

Well, it has been few years since any of my articles got published in print. Last time that happened was some 3 years ago when few of my articles got printed in Silicon Times (now no more Bangalore based local IT Monthly) and Vijaya Karnataka (No. 1 Kannada daily)(read some of my earlier articles:
Marketing Petroleum (Vijaya Karnataka, Kannada), Article on Christian Barnard * Some more articles)

Ever since blogging came to limelight I've hardly sent anything to print. Though print gives better recognition and satisfaction, the problem was that acceptance rate was low and I’ll have to wait for few weeks to few months for the article to appear, if at all accepted. Also there is no way readers can give a feedback. Blog was much more convenient to handle though reader base and recognition is low. But I feel it is critical to have some presence in print as well, because while any Tom Dick and Harry can publish a blog, one needs to convince the editor that the writing is worth publishing, if it has to come in print-that itself is an appreciation and certificate of worthiness.

This report was supposed to get published on Friday and I was disappointed when that didn't happen. However editor was kind enough to inform me that it will be published on Monday as they ran out of space on Friday.

Below: Dr. Stephen Crocker with members of Internet Society, Chennai Chapter.
Dr Stephen Crocker with members of ISOC
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  1. Congrats Shrinidhi! Nice Article!

  2. Rajesh, Raveesh and SaiThilak,

    Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Hi Shri,

    Good to see your article in print. I have been on and off visiting your blog. make sure as and when possible but avoiding from silly comments. :)

    So how soon are we expecting urls to be in local languages??


  4. Thanks Sarvesh

    He didn't give a time frame for implementation of this. Just hinted that work is underway and it will soon be a reality...

  5. Good to see,

    Dear, I am sharing the same with many of our Navodayans.

    Keep it up and keep updated at too.

    Navodaya Murali
    9999 479 467


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