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Stock Market Trading: Season’s hot picks

Past few days I’ve been enjoying trading through my demat account. After long time, my portfolio did break even and showed some profit. Below are some of the stocks I am watching currently-These have been picked purely because they appear to be fundamentally strong, priced very attractively, reasonably below their potential highs. Also most of these are showing good volatility using which smart traders can cash in

Name Symbol CMP 52 wk high 52 wk low

Tanla Solutions

tanla 68 190 21
Adlabs Films Ltd adlabsfilm 362 463 130
Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd orchidchem 163 228 56
Everest Kanto Cylinder ekc 212 297 84
PSL Ltd pslltd 179 293 60
Classic Diamonds classicd 28 38 6.6
REI Agro Ltd reiagro 49 104 36
Deep Industries deepind 113 143 28
Resurgere Mines and Minerals resurgere 107 199 36
BL Kashyap and Sons blkashyap 428 932 86
Praj Industries prajind 103 155 45
Future Capital Holdings fch 278 349 93
Suzlon Energy suzlon 99 225 33
Rolta India ROLTA 177 308 40
Aban Offshore Ltd abanoffsh 1593 2505 224

Disclaimer: This post is just for your information. I’m not a professional adviser and absolutely no liabilities will be accepted regarding the statements and suggestions made in this post. If you chose to invest, do so at your own risk. All opinions are welcome. Hoping that the market sustains the rally it has been witnessing during past few weeks. Even if it sees some correction next week, I feel it makes sense to stay put.

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  1. I only invest via Mutual Funds :( No energy to invest directly.

  2. Yes, most of us are like that. Mutual funds are equally good, but we don't get the fun of playing with it... :)


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