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Skywatch Friday Photos

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Hadn't posted anything under sky-watch Friday so far, this is the first attempt, sharing a few random photos from my collection related to sky...

1. Electric cables all over- Skywatch pic, clicked at Velankannai shrine, early 2009

This will be common scene near all electric poles. Why can't we have a more systematic and less messy way of laying electric cables? I've another post on similar lines, explaining why spider man will never be able to operate from India.. read it here

2 Sky at Endpoint Manipal...

More photos and details of EndPoint Manipal

3. Sunset in various colours, closeup

And of course, re publishing the close up pic of Moon... Took this photo while we were travelling to venus in a space shuttle and we passed very close to moon... just kidding...


  1. Loggy, I used Sony DSC H50 Digicam...

    15x optical+81x digital zoom, a very low resolution VGA image

    Thanks. Guess this is your first comment here. Thanks for visiting

  2. nice ones, esp those of the sun and the moon!

  3. Good to see you doing skywatch Shrinidhi.

  4. Nice,
    I loved the close up of moon. awesome.
    how did you take that snap?

  5. Really really good...shows me what I can do with a prof camera...Loved all of it

  6. Good to see so many comments and appreciation. You all made my weekend...

    Thanks Anu.

    SRA sir, thanks.

    Mridula, you, magic eye and Lakshmi were the inspiration for me to try this. All I had to do was pic up some nice pics from already uploaded collection. Have more interesting pics to share, will do over a period of time.

    Jyoti Ajay:
    Thanks and welcome back

    Indrani: Thanks

    Tarun, thanks and welcome back

    MdM Shah,
    I took that snap while travelling towards Jupitar in a spaceship-took it when we could see Moon out of our window...

    Just kidding. Clicking using 15x optical and 81x digital zoom of the camera.

    thanks. Mine is a semi professional camera though. Have not done any post processing. All are uploaded straight from camera.

  7. Beautiful collection of shots. Love the shot at Manipal.


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