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Mahatma Gandhi park, Chikmagalur

Each town would have a few parks and the coffee town of Chikmagalur is no different. While I was searching online for places to visit around Chikmagalur, I landed upon MG Park.

We went there post lunch. It was located outside city limits on Tarikere road. March isn't the best time to visit the place, as most of the trees had shed leaves. Still the park had its charm. Nothing great about the place, but has a few facilities worth mentioning.
Above: Adjacent to the park is Chikmagalur District Central Prison.A glimpse of the prison campus
Below: A dome shaped structure at the centre of the park
Below: Flowers and trees
Below: A platform made on tree, which has unique shape
Ratnagiri Express: A toy train. Charge Rs 10, takes you around the park twice. Minimum 10 people should be there for a trip.
A small waterbody and hills in the backdrop
 Mahathma Gandhi park is worth a short visit.

Park has a small entry fee.

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