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Preventing Entry is the way to prevent suicide?

If you happen to visit Manchanabele dam on the outskirts of Bengaluru of late, particularly on a weekend, you’ll be greeted by a team of policemen who block your way. They say “Entry is banned” and if asked why, you’ll get a reply “Someone committed suicide here recently”.
Savanadurga was also blocked for some similar reason.

By preventing entry police are preventing suicide?

Police block only the main entry. Places like Manchinabele, Savanadurga etc aren’t fortresses. Those who are determined to go can go by foot via multiple trails. Obviously police aren’t tracking all possible entry/exit points.

Why block tourists? May be they can keep a count of those going in vs those coming out?

Those who’ve decided to commit suicide will definitely have another way /another place for committing suicide.

What should be the ideal approach when some public places become suicide hotspots?
·         Ban entry into it?
·         Put more police to monitor people?
·         Charge high entry fee, so that wannable suiciders think it is profitable to live than die after paying so much?
·         Put lot of sign boards discouraging suicides?
·         Remove isolated/dark/unsupervised spots?
·         Avoid giving any publicity to the suicide so that others won’t know that this spot can be used for committing suicide?

Why this doesn't apply to buildings? if someone commits suicide jumping off top floor of utility building, would authorities close the entire building?


  1. They can also post on the site a psychiatrist or a psychologist to provide emotional support to people wishing to commit suicide and some "ready to listen to you" volunteers may also help! ;)
    Jokes aside, unfortunately in INdia suicide is seen as a law and order issue and not something linked to human emotions and desperation ..

  2. Earlier they started only on sundays, is that mean those who commit suicide, they do so only on sunday!? Now they started everyday. Agree with your opinion that if somebody wants to commit suicide, he definitely take all the steps to bypass these people and goes there.

  3. Sunil Sir..

    Yes. Helpless police are blamed for suicides and are entrusted with responsibility of preventing it. Family in particular, society in general should be responsible for it and not police

    Gowtham: Yes, eventually after few months they'll withdraw the police cover, may be until next suicide

  4. He he... crazy tactics :)

    I faced the same problem when I went to Nandi Hills cycling(!). The guys at the ticket counter said, tickets wont be given if a single person comes to Nandi, as there are chances of him/her committing suicide it seems.

    Why would I want to go to Nandi cycling to commit suicide, when I was already half dead cycling till there :-D

  5. Why punish the majority of the people for a suicide? I don't understand the logic. And what can police do about a suicide anyways? nobody can stop that.

  6. Mitesh
    Yes, police think they can prevent suicide by standing there...

    Anantha: so suiciders need to go in pairs then


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