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Family Look for cars: Good or Bad?

Feel free to ignore this post if automobiles is not your topic of interest

Of late, several automobile manufacturers seem to be trying to give a family look for all their cars. As they launch face-lifted version of their cars, they’re ensuring that all models have an almost unique front facia.

Consider Below examples (all images from internet- from official websites of respective manufacturers)
VolksWagen Vento and Jetta have a near identical front. Unless you observe the headlamps closely or check the rear, it is very difficult to differentiate between the two, one of which is a premium model while other is an entry level sedan.
Above: Volkwagen Vento
Below: Volkswagen Jetta

Toyota Innova, Camry now look similar from front (fortuner also has similar front, but due to its height it easily stands apart)

Hyundai Verna and Elantra look almost same
Why do the do this? What’re the advantages of having same look on call cars?
I am not sure, but below is my guess 
  • May be manufacturers think this helps strengthen brand identity due to standardized look
  • May be they save some money due to standardized parts

But giving one look to all cars has following disadvantages
  • Dilutes Premium feel: When Jetta looks same as Vento or Elantra looks same as Verna, customers of Elantra and Jetta who paid few lakhs more may get upset. They don’t get a premium feel since the cheaper car also looks similar. 
  • Confuses fans- since different models looks same, recognizing a car by its front look becomes difficult
  • Limits design team’s creativity- if there’s a mandate that all cars should look similar, design team will have very little work to do, as they won’t have freedom to try different looks/designs on a model.

Thankfully Indian automakers Tata, Mahindra and Maruti haven’t resorted to this approach yet. (Swift, Swift DZire and Ertiga looks very similar from front, but I am not willing to add them to above category)

What are your thoughts- do you like the idea of “family look”? If the model you’re eying to buy has a cheaper model that looks same, will it influence your decision?


  1. I would buy a car for what it is, I don't care if there're other cars that look similar or what others think about me and my car

  2. Madhusudhan

    Thanks for sharing your opinion


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