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Borsen Building for sale-Copenhagen former stock exchange

The image you see below is that of one of the most popular buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital. The former stock exchange building located at Borsen area
And the confirmed news is, this building is for sale. If you have a few millions to spare, probably you might wish to give it a try.

The building was reportedly constructed by King Christian IV who ruled Denmark and Norway in the 17th century. The King reportedly had great vision for Denmark and had ambitious projects. This building served as the Danish stock-market until 1974. It was home to all kind of traders and was one of the most happening place in the city. Building still stands on the original wooden foundation laid in 1619 and has survived various wars and fire accidents Denmark had to suffer from.

As the times have changed, the current Danish stock-market has moved to more modern building, old building has gained a heritage status and is up for sale.

An interesting part of the building is a tower which is built in the shape of 3 crocodiles, with their tail pointing upwards. This is called Dragon Spiral. This represents a symbol of unity between the 3 countries- Denmark, Sweden and Norway, key countries in the Nordic region

The architect who built this spiral reportedly had never seen a crocodile, hence his creation is deemed creative but not perfect. (Again this is as per our tour guide,use your discretion) 
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Børsen (Old Stock Exchange)
1217 Copenhagen

Can be seen during canal tours or can be reached by bus (2A - 40 - 66 - 350S) or Metro train ( Christianshavn Station - Kongens Nytorv). I only saw it from outside. It is reportedly not open for public (mostly due to safety reasons, as it is very old building). But if you show some interest in buying it, probably you'll get a guided tour of the place.

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