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Europe calling

I'm all set for a short visit to Europe on work. Heading to Copenhagen, Denmark.

This is first international trip for the year and coming after 1 year.

This is my first visit to Europe. I will get couple of weekends in between and time permitting, hope to explore few neighboring countries.

Expect photos and updates, provided I manage to take some time off work.

Also flying Qatar Airways for the first time.

Frequency of blog posts may be poor during next few weeks.

Let me see how it goes. This time I am slightly better equipped with an entry level smart phone and some apps. Wish me luck.


  1. Have a great trip and bring back lot of stories.

  2. Nothing like Europe in Spring! Have a lot of fun!


  3. have a great trip. where in europe is something yu need to share, but i can bet its going to be lot of fun. beautiful places everywhere.


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