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Dada by Vibhor Tikiya: Book Review

Recently read the book, titled Dada, written by Vibhor Tikiya and this post is a quick review of my findings.

Dada is story of a person who is wrong example for a student. Though he started off as a brilliant student in primary school, after his Dad's death he looses focus and masters the art of manipulation and making money brokering various deals. He gets only 45% in class 12, but manages entry into one of prestigious institutes -Premiere Institute of Technology, using fake cast certificate and sports certificate.

From there on, his life revolves not around studying, but making money selling alcohol in the campus, bartending, copying and so on. He forms a gang of 4, who're at the core of the fiction and undertake lots of adventure- inside and outside campus. How they handle several tricky situations, pull strings and manage to get an engineering degree forms the core of the book. If not fully realistic, enjoyable one at that.

The other half is Dada's sting at US. Where he joins an engineering dept for higher studies, fails miserably in initial tests and changes to department of fine arts. There his luck opens up- from being a student to provisional lecturer to full time employee to visiting professor, life runs on a successful track for someone who barely managed to clear the engineering exams.

'Dada' is well priced and is interesting to read. Apart from the fun quotient, book should be read for following underlying messages:

1) Engineering and Medicine is not the only 2 options. One can have a joyful and satisfying life in other subjects, including fine arts
2) Properties catch fire- Dreams don't
3) Technical skill alone is not enough. One should have negotiation skills, communication skills and analytical skills
4) Life does throw challenges at you and so do people around you. How you handle them determines how successful you will be. Can you confront a challenge, do you plan to run away from it, do you succumb to your fate and adjust to it? Learn to deal with challenges well and you'll enjoy the same.

However I also have following apprehension:
Can anyone manage to keep selling large quantities of alcohol inside the campus for 4 years- unaided, undetected? Supplying alcohol for dorm parties would involve multiple crates and lots of bottles. Carrying them in, taking care of empty bottles etc- doesn't sound realistic, unless someone from college administration is offering silent support.

Also book says MNCs need to pay huge money to visit campus for campus recruitment. I don't if this is really true. I know that there's a fight among companies for the privilege of being first company to visit the campus, but paying money part- I don't know.

Title: Dada
Author: Vibhor Tikiya
Price: Rs 149
Publisher: Indra Publishing House
Pages: 301, soft cover
Genre: Fiction
Released: 9th August 2013

Book was launched only last week and is not yet available on flipkart. May take some time to reach the stores near you. Do grab one when available, for it makes a thoughtful read. 300 pages full of interesting incidents and narration.

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  1. Properties burn but dreams don't what a line, will sure to try and read this book, nice review.

  2. Sounds great.. Will get my hands on one soon

  3. Just booked my copy on flipkart... :D..

  4. Dhairya: it is available now? I couldn't see last time

    Athenas: Thanks

  5. great review. and yes u can bar tender in college for 4 years. only the people like Dada can do this for others its impossible :)

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    anonymous email for facebook

  7. Hey.. Great review! Even I made a purchase from flipkart. Hope to receive it soon. Here's the link for your reference:

  8. Its an amazing book! Must read , a fan of vibhor tikiya ! Looking forward to read his next book "dharam" !! Great work !

  9. Please please do read it ! A very meaningful story, greatjob vibhor tikiya ! Looking forward to read "dharam"

  10. Its an amazing book! Must read , a fan of vibhor tikiya ! Looking forward to read his next book "dharam" !! Great work !

  11. Loved the book, definitely a must read. Engrossing and fun. Reminds us of our college days. While reading it, I felt like it was about my college life:)

  12. this is a great must read book... every page have fun... great work ... keep it up... Vibhore

  13. Ive won a book review competition for my college after giving a review on this book ! I wish to meet vibhor tikiya once ! Nidhi please make that possible !!

  14. Dear Vatsal,

    You can get in touch with Vibhor on or by sending him a personal facebook message at We can set up something based on your location.

    Team DADA

  15. Vatsal: There you go.. Team dada responding in before I could connect you both.

    Thanks Divya, I should have responded earlier

  16. Ive already mailed him ! Thank you so much for your support , it means a lot to me :-)

  17. And yes I stay in Ahmedabad, but ready to meet him anywhere :-)

  18. hello , thank you i did receive reply to my mail from vibhor sir.It has been really kind of him and felt very good talking to him :)

  19. i did receive a reply from vibhor sir,thank you so much . very happy to have had a talk with him,felt great :)


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