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Volkswagen Touareg v6 and Passat attrack in a Malmo Park

I was taking a walk at park in Malmo, Sweden last Sunday morning and found these cars in the middle of the park called Ribersborgsstranden. These weren’t accidentally abandoned by their owner- they were carefully placed in position for display, assumably for promotional purpose.

There were no guards, no barricades.. cars were left there unattended, for people to take a look.

I was tempted to open the door and take a peek inside (and may be drive it around the park if keys were there), but then, resisted my temptation as I was in an unknown country and felt it is risky to take unnecessary liberties.

What you're seeing below is Volkswagen Passat Attrack. This variant of Passat is not available in India. It is a combi variant with extra space, giving it a family vehicle feeling, than a sedan
Volkswagen Passat attrack
 Little ahead, there was this SUV, Touareg.

Notice that touareg wasn’t left in the muddy water just like that. A support is given, so that car doesn’t easily sink into mud. 4motion is VW trademarked term for 4 wheel drive system. Notice the extra hook in the rear- most cars in Europe have this, often used to carry a trailer.
VW certainly can't afford to do this in India- leaving their cars unattended in the park. They would have to hire couple of security guards all to monitor the car all the time
What you see in the background is Touring Torso, one of the tallest buildings in Sweden, tallest in Malmo. More about that later
In India, Touareg is available at about 60 lakhs ex-showroom. Because of this price tag, we don't see many of these. Toyota Landcruiser Prado sells more in India at that range

Almost all popular brands (Passat, Merc, Audi) are available in combi shape in Europe (similar to Indigo Marina or Octavia Combi), which we don’t find in India.

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  1. This is one of my dream cars but cant afford it :P

  2. I can see that you are having a great time. Any plans for a self hire?

  3. Mridula: Not really, but managed a bit

    Gaurav: Thanks

  4. Driving cars and being passionate about them, my vote is with you. Volkswagen is a great company and European cars are a treat to drive.


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