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Elephant show at Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Thailand

Below are couple of photos from our Thailand trip, exactly 1 year ago.

After arriving at Pattaya, we went to Sriracha Tiger Zoo and one of the shows there was elephant show. It lasted for about 20 minutes, with a bunch of elephants performing various skills including rope walk, formations and so on.

Below: A baby elephant doing rope walk (actually walk on strong steel bars)
Couple of volunteers were called to the stage and were asked to lie down. Elephant crossed above them, with teasing moves such as as if crushing the person with its leg, while spectators feared the worst.At times it gave soft massage on the back of the tourist volunteer, at times it dropped its leg with force, just to stop a centimeter before impact. Well trained, I must say. (Why can't we train our elephants in Dubare the similar way?)
Below- elephants in formation at the end of the show, holding each others' trunk and tail. Before departing, they accepted bananas fed generously by the tourists.
Nice show and good experience.

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  1. I have been to Pattaya but I missed this..Must have been great fun watching the baby elephants perform

  2. These gentle, intelligent creatures are tormented and trained with cruelty, made to stupid tricks - just for amusement of spectators. Please consider the pain and suffering of elephants. These tricks are not natural to them and are insulting to them and us.

  3. To those raving about this 'experience' you are sick and incredibly naïve. The reason these poor and badly treated creatures are so 'well trained' is because they are ripped from their mothers shortly after birth, are beaten with sticks and whips and are forced to endure the barbaric torture of bullhooks. Then there is the tigers. The only reason they sit and 'pose' for photos is because they are regularly sedated throughout the day with sedative laden food. Even the tiger cubs are sedated. That bottle of milk you think is soooo adorable and cute contains sedatives. The animals forced to perform are horrendously and mercilessly beaten and despite this 'zoos' claims, tigers jumping through firey hoops is NOT natural behaviour! Where exactly do you find these firey hoops in the wild? The same applies to the poor elephants beaten and stabbed so idiot tourists can see them balance on wire tightropes, where exactly are these tightropes in the wild?
    This so called 'zoo' is little more than a barbaric circus! As for their 'breeding programme' where is the evidence to support this? The only evidence is of the private owner flouting CITES, illegally breeding tigers and exporting several hundred tigers to China that then 'disappeared'. Most likely to be killed an cut up to be used in chinese medicine. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!


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