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White House Security Enhancement tips

Watched 2 movies recently- White House Down and 'The Olympus has Fallen' , both are about White House, the iconic building in US Capital, Washington DC. Both movies are about how the evil elements breach all the security layers at White house, take the President hostage, gain control of bunker in the basement and aim for world control.

After watching the 2  movies, I've made my own list of counter measures- how this kind of breach can be prevented in future. Sharing it here, for the benefit of US President's security officers.

1. Have an additional bunker for state guests. Don't mix them with the president and other critical staff manning the bunker. Let the guests relax in this additional bunker, while the President and his/her team clears the situation.

2. Need secret cameras from the bunker/on the way to the bunker, which can be seen from Pentagon. If an insider kills security staff and takes president has hostage, people at Pentagon should know about it

3. Please don't make de-activation codes so complex. In 'Olympus has fallen', the deactivation code for Cerberus was so long and had a '#' symbol, making it too complex for our hero Bike Banning, to save the world. He was left with just 2-3 seconds when he completed the task. It was even more longer than the activation codes uttered by the secretary and others. If there was one or two more characters to enter, all the nukes would have gone off in their silos. De-activation saves the world, so pls keep the de-activation code simple, like 1234

4. Chase smart. If you have 2 fighter planes chasing a bomber, it is stupid for each of these to go left and right side of bomber to warn them. While one plane goes close to the bomber to warn them, other should tail it at a safe distance, with its target locked on the unidentified aircraft, ready to fire if need be.

5. Keep an eye on Maintenance staff. It is surprising the no one could identify that the team of theater repairmen were carrying lots of weapons and ammunition. If someone is spending too much time at a place or too many people are working on same task, something should be wrong.

6. Follow my other advise shared in an earlier post- Keep an analog clock in front of CCTV camera. In case of looping, one will be able to detect it. Read more

7. If you don't have inside info, get Burkha Butt as a live reporter. She can extract inside info and let the world know what exactly is happening inside. (This is a fictitious character. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental)

8. Need better safety against people snatching guns from security staff. Something is seriously wrong if world's best security staff can't prevent their guns from being snatched by an unarmed person, all in fraction of a second. Some kind of lock/fingerprinting or voice command should help prevent misuse like this. Or a safer option is to maintain some physical distance.

9. I think the age old approach of lighting a cannon with a fire was best. This "anything can be fired from anywhere using a computer command" looks dangerous.

Good movies both. Worth a watch.

P.S. This post is a trick to get few more additional readers for my blog. From now on, I am sure US secret service will be reading all my posts...


  1. :) :) You have all the attributes to open a security service agency my friend :)

  2. I am sure the SS will take a leaf out of this post.

    Thanks for the laugh :)

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