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Giraffe wind solar power system

What you see below is a device called Giraffe. It is a wind+ solar power generating source, using which one can power their homes or charge their hybrid/electric cars etc.

Spotted this device at a park in Malmo, Sweden. The device is made by a company called Innoventum.  It is a green company involved in wide range of eco-friendly energy products, such as solar panels, e-scooters and so on

Giraffe is their latest product and in order to promote it, one of these was installed in a park near Touring Torso, Malmo
Note that panel is slightly inclined, to be able to absorb more light. Below image shows Giraffe clicked along with Touring Torso...

The cost of this device is not known. You'll know if you express an interest to buy.


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  2. Very Good Post.India Should Have To Adopt This Syatem.
    Snaps Are Good But Frankly Speaking I want to see a close shot so that i can Saw the Actual System Used.
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