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'Illusions of Love' by K B Trehan

Illusions of Love is another book which I’d received 2-3 years ago but had managed to read only recently.

Illusions of Love is a simple and straight forward story, of a young lady who escapes from her in-law’s place the day after wedding, reason being the groom came in fully drunk and misbehaves with his newly wed wife. Despite apologies from the groom later and advise of her parents, Sheena refuses to go back and begins her corporate life with Godrej, where she gradually raises up the ladder and eventually marries a colleague. Will she be happy forever, what mistakes they do and how their perfect life takes shortcuts and lands in trouble is the essence of the book. Do read author’s note section without fail.

You can finish reading Illusions of Love in 3-4 hours flat. It is a good companion if you wish to read something on the flight. I started reading at an evening and was done by night.

While K B Trehan is featured as author of the book, an inside page suggests Arvind Bharadwaj also has contributed to the book. It was interesting to know that author KB is an executive working the field of heavy industries.

Title: Illusions of Love
Author: K B Trehan with Arvind Bharadwaj
Type: Fiction
Publisher: Cedar Books (A Pustak Mahal imprint)
Pages: 190
MRP: Rs 195
Isbn: 978-81-223-1097-9

Note: this books is not to be confused with another book with same title, authored by Michelle Betham. Also unfortunately this and the other book I reviewed earlier (Journey of Om) are available without any discount online, at MRP.


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